Psychic Healer Molly Ann Fairley Launches New Website
17 June 2014
PSYCHIC healer Molly Ann Fairley has launched a brand new online website to help people with their physical and emotional needs. The celebrity psychic, whose work has been featured on radio and television and a wide range of top-selling magazines, is keen to help people in need and is harnessing the power of the internet to reach out further than before. An expert in hypnotherapy, deep relaxation and meditation techniques, Molly Ann founded The School of Psychic Studies in 1997 and has now launched ‘The Healing Circle’. Molly Ann said: “The Healing Circle is a revolutionary new way to receive High Energy Healing at an affordable price. It can help you remove unwanted blocks within to enable you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.” She discovered her psychic abilities at the age of 45. "I experienced over 80 past lives in one night and was able to perform Psychic Surgery less than five weeks later." A yoga teacher specializing in meditation and the higher states of consciousness, Molly Ann attributes her psychic ability and healing to divine guidance and powers much greater than herself. "I have been given a unique gift where I can send healing to anyone in the world at any time by talking directly with Spirit. My extensive training in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Meditation enables me to have a direct approach. I can interpret and communicate what I am being shown by Spirit to heal issues and give clear guidance to overcome life challenges." Molly Ann said she also teaches students to develop psychically, identifying and healing all kinds of ailments, blocks, emotional issues and past life karma. "Each student is healed of any concerns about their psychic ability as they learn," said Molly Ann. She specializes in weight loss and has recorded a spiritual slimming journey for women at Molly Ann’s work has featured on television and radio and many magazines including Kindred Spirit, Top Sante Spirit and Destiny, the Daily Express, the Irish Nationals and My Weekly and she has also published her own book 'You Can Be Psychic Too' as well as co-authoring another called 'The Light'. She has also published Oracle cards to help ladies lose weight.