Canadian Actress is 'Neurotic, Health-obsessed' & in Love with Whole Foods in upcoming comedy series

Krista Hovsepian stars as Julia in new comedy web series "Whole Foods, I love you... Is that OK?"

Online PR News – 16-June-2014 – Los Angeles – Krista Hovsepian, a profound actress from Toronto, is announcing "Whole Foods, I love you... Is that OK?" a new original comedy web series that follows Julia, a neurotic, health-obsessed German-American yoga teacher who, while vacationing in California, finds her one true love: Whole Foods Market.

Unable to bear the thought of returning to a life without her favorite organic market, Julia decides to stay, making Los Angeles her permanent new home. As her obsession grows, she plans daily trips to her beloved market with the intention of visiting every Whole Foods in the greater Los Angeles area.

Hovsepian ("Flow," "The Listener”) will star as the larger than life protagonist. "Julia's a complete health nut," she said. "I think she's convinced her way of life is the way everyone should be living."

Throughout the series, Julia bonds with her favorite cashiers, gives unsolicited health advice to customers, unwittingly destroys the natural beauty section and thoughtfully explores what she likes to call “The Seven Wonders of the Secret Spice World."

Christian Marc and Tasha Tacosa, who created and starred in "Trent & Tilly," are producing. The series is slated to begin filming this fall in Los Angeles and premiere before the end of the year on YouTube.

"We see this series really appealing to young health and wellness enthusiasts who will probably be able to relate to Julia's lifestyle choices on some level, but because she's so neurotic and fanatical about her health -- and Whole Foods -- anyone who can't quite relate is likely to find it all pretty hilarious," said Marc.


Formatted with 30-minute sitcom fundamentals, Hovsepian's theatrical background matches the look, energy, voice and pacing the series plans on capturing.

"Krista's natural ability to bring truth to a scene, paired with her sense of comedic timing lends itself really well to the web series and to the believability of her character, Julia, even under heightened or theatrical circumstances," said Marc. "She has a real knack for making each scene hyper realistic, and her background in theatre has proven to be a solid foundation for the consistency and precision required in performing sitcom material."

While rooted in comedy, but not biopic, Hovsepian is close to the series' thematic material, which helped inspire parts of the characterization of Julia.

"My Mom is from Germany and grew up with a holistic approach to life," she said. "Everyone would joke that her Dad was the good health apostle. He would just give health advice to complete strangers.

“I started going to alternative health practitioners as a baby,” she said. “I had a variety of health issues myself that we were trying to figure out including wheat and milk allergies. Back then, there weren't many gluten or dairy free options. I get really excited when I can go into a huge, beautiful super market and there as so many things that I can eat."

Demonstrating a prolific acting track record spanning film, TV and web series, Hovsepian has appeared in leading or featured roles in "The Winner," "Conversations with my Great Uncle John," "Assassin," "Tickets Please!," Mazi Khalighi's "The Date" with Gemini Award nominee Katie Boland, "The Great Chameleon" (Fearless Films) with Golden Globe winner Stacy Keach ("Hemingway") and Robert Davi ("Profiler," "Die Hard"), "Sammy Kingsford: Manager to the Stars" directed by Rick Simone and the Gemini Award nominated series "The Listener," which was distributed by ION Television and NBC in the U.S. and by CTV, FOX, FX and others throughout Canada and Europe.

Hovsepian created and starred in the 2013 short film, "Flow," about the vinyasa yoga communities of Toronto and Los Angeles. Her selected leading theater roles include in the Toronto Fringe Festival official selections "Ways to Kill Ethyl" and "The Demonstrator" and "Think," an Orlando Fringe Festival official selection. She has trained extensively in Los Angeles and Toronto including at Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop, Scott Sedita Acting Studios, Second City Hollywood, and was selected by LA casting director Lisa Beach (“3:10 to Yuma,” “Walk the Line,” “Wedding Crashers”) to participate in AIPA's audition-only six-week intensive Professional Actor's Masterclass in Hollywood.

In 2005, Hovsepian received the Leading Edge Award from the Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Awards, an annual awards gala founded in 1988 that recognizes outstanding artists in the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo (Canada).

Hovsepian is also announcing Paleogini, a new blog and YouTube channel about paleo diet and yoga practices. Paleogini will feature cooking and workout demonstration videos, along with tips on grocery shopping and healthy eating.

Cailleah Scott-Grimes ("She Got Game") and Caitlynne Medrek ("Arthur","Total Drama,” "Out with Dad,” "Dragon Ball GT") are co-producing. Writer/actress Mariah Owen, a burgeoning Second City Toronto protege, is co-writing for Paleogini.

"Krista's got such a bright spirit," Medrek said. "She has talent, skills, professionalism, presence...everything you could possibly want when developing something like the Paleogini project! She's this rare combination of an energetic, quirky spirit and a wise old soul. This is a woman who isn't afraid of taking her career into her own hands, of really focusing in on what she wants without losing her sense of play, openness, and curiosity."

The first Paleogini video gives a step by step guide to making Dave Asprey's renowned Bulletproof Coffee and can be seen here:

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A Toronto native, Krista Hovsepian is an extraordinary film and TV actress known for her many roles including in "Flow" and "The Listener." Next she's playing Julia on the hilarious new comedy web series, "Whole Foods, I love you... Is that OK?"

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