'Best British Accent Training Course' Awarded To Online e-course 'Learn The British Accent- Fast!'
18 June 2014
‘Learn the British accent- FAST’, an online British accent training course aimed at helping people from all backgrounds eradicate their non native accents and adopting a Standard British accent, has received the honour of “Best British Accent Training Course” for a second year in a row after asking international English language students and British accent enthusiasts in an online poll. The ballot and subsequently, the designation of "Best British accent training course" was held in order to officially establish which course offered the ‘best value to English language learners, British accent students and actors based on merits of effectiveness, efficiency, quality, customer service and pricing’. Despite strong competition, 'Learn the British accent- FAST!' was selected over any other British accent training course and favoured as a very clear winner of the highly desired title. In an effort to maintain strict voting guidelines, the opinion poll was conducted via the internet and voters had to have used a wide variety of both paid and free online British accent courses. Author of 'Learn the British accent- FAST!' and well known dialect coach Michael E. Andrews commented, "I am once again very pleased to see that many, many students and English learners have officially recognized my training course as an authority when it comes to studying the British accent. Again, many thanks to all the people who participated in this year's vote." Interested British Accent Learners May Visit the Company's Website For More Information. Click the following link for more information: ‘Learn the British accent-Fast!’ See Below Presentation Video of the Award Winning e-course http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k2fKeHi7jI