Robert Renteria Recognized for Global Solution to Gang and Gun Violence

Community activist committed to eradicating a disastrous climate of gang and gun violence

Online PR News – 12-June-2014 – Chicago, IL – Robert Renteria Barrio Books and social emotional learning program help students stay in school, adopt healthy values, and make better choices, Illinois school and political officials say. Friday, he was recognized for his contributions and explained in detail why he decided to set aside his personal time and make room in his heart for youth worldwide.

The Barrio bilingual book series and program were developed and continue to be funded by Mr. Renteria since its original release in January, 2008 for those schools and programs who lacked the funding. The author has contributed more than $300,000.00 of his own money during the last 6.5 years. The curriculum is used in middle schools, high schools, after-school programs, colleges, universities, social services, homeless shelters, substance abuse programs, juvenile detention centers, jails, prisons, churches and corporate settings.

"We use books as tools because they work," stated Renteria. "We, as parents and leaders must help to get the Barrio books into the hands of as many kids and adults as possible to continue to exchange these books for all the guns, knives, drugs, needles, booze and even the cigarettes! The ultimate weapon is not a loaded gun but an educated mind! The Barrio books teach our kids that the most important things in this lifetime are family, to respect it, protect it, and to not abuse the privilege."

The community activist is committed to eradicating a disastrous climate of gang and gun violence and vows to continue to team up with hundreds of citizens, community leaders, politicians and educators as part of his broader vision. He states "that gang banging and violence is not a life style but a death style."

His plan to save the children across the country and around the world did not come without a cost. Renteria says he closed his business four years ago and sold his cars, jewelry, and other valuable items. "I also cashed out my 401 K, profit sharing, bank accounts. I risked losing my home to foreclosure so I could provide teaching tools such as books and curricula for our kids and their parents that they so desperately need."

My life is a real time example that dreams do come true. That they are right here and right now. Any pain is not in vain. The greater the struggle the greater the victory. I was not going to allow the politics stop me from keeping kids away from the drugs, gangs, violence, bullying, abuse and being subject to a broken educational system," he continued. "That is why I dedicated my life to lead by example and provide a solution to the issues that plague's our kids and their families around the world."

Highlights of Robert Renteria's Vocation

2013 -- Became the first Latino in the world to receive two national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Awards for his work as a civil rights leader and a voice in educational reform

2012 -- His graphic, "Mi Barrio", was voted the best graphic novel by The International Latino Book Awards as the best graphic novel in Latin America, Spain and the United States of America for addressing youth issues

2011 -- Became the first Latino in the world to receive the Outstanding International Humanitarian Award for promoting global peace and education

2010 -- Voted Chicago's Latino Professional of the Year by over 45,000 Chicago Hispanic business professionals.


Robert Renteria grew up in poverty sleeping on a concrete basement floor. As a handicapped child, he was physically and sexually abused. When he was three he was abandoned by his father and raised by his mother. Robert dropped out of high school and began using and sellinga drugs. He turned his life around to become Vice President of a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. His books are used by students in classrooms across America, and distributed to 24 countries around the world. More than 50 years after Cesar Chavez and Dr. King fought for civil rights and fair pay for the immigrants, Robert Renteria created The Barrio Movement, an international initiative which supports human rights, global peace and education. For more information, visit or call 312.933.5619. For bookings or speaking engagements, call 928.502.1596

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