Gathering of Iranian in Paris in Support of regime change in Iran on June 27th 2014

Various Iranian communities will be participating in an event on Friday, June 27th 2014 in Villepinte, Paris.

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – Paris, France – Various Iranian communities will be participating in an event on Friday, June 27th 2014 in Villepinte, Paris. The event is in support of the Iranian Democratic Opposition with special reference to human rights and political prisoners in Iran. According to different media reports, last year’s gathering drew more than 100,000 participants, hundreds of politicians, parliamentarians and delegates from both sides of the political spectrum. This year’s assembly is expected to be no different, with thousands already confirming their attendance.

Yet what is different this year, is the rise of a so called “moderate” who has worsened the already failing situation in Iran. Since Rouhani has taken office, Iran has witnessed the most devastating period of atrocious brutalities with the highest record of official executions in recent decades.

The regime has also played a crucial part in funding & supporting Assad’s
murderous reign in Syria & supporting various terrorist cells across the middle
east. The regime continues to make way with its nuclear program and use it as a
pretext of appeasement & distraction with western governments.

This year’s assembly will focus on the role of western governments particularly
the P5+1 with regard to Iran’s continued defiance in enrichment of Uranium for
weaponization. There will also be discussions on the changing socio-economic
and political landscape under Rouhani’s government with emphasis on the effect
this has had on Camp Liberty residents in Iraq.

Finally, In light of the recent meeting in Paris between Ahmad Jabra, the leader of the
Syrian opposition and Maryam Rajavi, president elect of the NCRI, the Iranian regimes
criminal role in both Syria and Iraq will be discussed at length.
Thousands of MPs and prominent politicians support this international event with a number of them being in attendance.

The partial list is as follows:

British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom
Lord Carlile of Berriew QCCBE
David Amess MP
President of Friends of a Free in the European Parliament
Struan Stevenson MEP
Italian Committee of Parliamentarians and Citizens for Free Iran
Mr. Alessandro Pagano
Ms. Elizabeth Zamparutti
Hon Carl Greaves
The President of Italian Senators for a Free Iran
Sen. Lucio Malan
Partito Radicale Nonviolento Transnazionale e transpartito
Sen. Marco Perduca
Contro La Pena Di Morte Nel Mondo
Sergio D’Elia
Former Italian Foreign Affairs Minister
Giulio Maria Terzi
Members of the Italian Senate
Sen. Luigi Compagna
Sen. Antonio Razzi
Founder and Secretary General of Italian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
Antonio Stango
Former Home Secretary & Leader of the House of Lords
Rt.Hon. Lord Waddington GCVO, DL, QC,P