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When it comes to online business promotion, the business web directories are the ones to look for. Thankfully there is no scarcity for the business web directories online. However, there are only a very few business web directories that can bring value for your business. iLinda Web Directory is one among the best.

Online PR News – 25-August-2009 – – Lakemba, August 24, 2009 - There is no scarcity for the business web directories today. However, not all the web directories available out there will be good enough to increase your business or highlight your business in the online world. In fact, submitting your business information to most of the free business web directory is a complete waste of time. “You will be well aware of the fact that the purpose of listing the business in the business web directories is to make the business get noticed by the internet surfers. Most of the free business web directories will just get the listings and these listings will get disappeared in the internet ocean. Things are very different in the case of Paid Web Directories. The listed business will get maximum exposure in the online crowd” says Mr. Sohel Rana of iLinda Web Directory.

Speaking on more details about this paid web directory, Sohel Rana said, “Deep linking is one of the main factors that can increase traffic to your website through the web directories. You will be well aware that deep linking is not allowed in most of the web directories. As we are one of the best paid web directories, we are allowing deep linking. The online businesses can get maximum benefits out of this deep linking option. We can see increasing numbers of businesses listed in our business web directory at a very high rate. Our business web directory is a general directory, where any kinds of business can be listed. For maximum exposure of all the businesses listed at iLinda Web Directory we have included all the available categories.”

Speaking on the move, Sohel Rana said, “It is nice to see that our business web directory has become a main source of online promotion. Many people have a misconception that the use of business web directories in business promotion is over. They think that business web directories have lost their charm. The real fact is that the free web directories are slowly losing their charm in online business promotion while on the other hand the paid directories have a promising future.”

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