Mark Pieloch, Classic Car Enthusiast, Donates 1970 Chevelle To Aid Humane Society Fundraising

Mark Pieloch, a pet pharmaceuticals exec, has donated a classic car from his personal collection to raise funds for the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, NE.

Online PR News – 05-June-2014 – LINCOLN, NE – Running a non-profit organization takes creative fundraising and never-ending effort. But thanks to the generosity of pet pharmaceuticals executive, Mark Pieloch, the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, NE can breathe a little easier this fall. Pieloch is a classic car enthusiast who has donated a completely restored 1970 Chevelle SS Coupe to be used in a fundraiser. The coupe will be raffled off on October 10, 2014. Five hundred and fifty raffle tickets are available for sale at $100 each. After costs, the net proceeds to the humane society will be approximately $52,000.

This is not the first time Pieloch has helped the Society. In 2011, the Society was raising funds to build a new adoption center and Pieloch donated $1.5 million to the cause. The result was the 15,000 square foot Pieloch Pet Adoption Center.

"It's a never-ending challenge to raises funds to operate a non-profit organization. I knew that when the adoption center opened its doors, the Society's fundraising needs would increase even more and I made a promise to myself that I would help in any way that I could. I'm fortunate enough to be able to donate a really special item that will raise a lot of money for the humane society and for that I'm grateful," explained Mark Pieloch (

The Capital Humane Society operates two facilities. The new Pieloch Pet Adoption Center opened its doors at 6500 S. 70th Street in July 2013. The organization also maintains its older location on Park Boulevard as an Admissions and Assessment Center. The humane society reunites lost pets with their owners and offers pets for adoption. Proceeds from the raffle will go into the Capital Humane Society's operating budget which is used to pay for spay and neuter services, microchipping and vaccinations, among other operating expenses.

The Mark Pieloch Classic Car Collection currently contains 137 classic and antique automobiles. The majority of the cars are muscle cars from 1960-1971. The cars are in pristine condition with one-quarter of them having less than 200 miles on the odometer. The collection includes 25 Indy Pace cars and 80 first place National Show cars. Chevrolet is a favorite of Pieloch's. Besides the Chevelle, the collection contains 30 Corvettes, 25 Camaros and 10 Yenkos.

The Chevelle is on display at DuTeau Chevrolet, 7300 S. 27th Street. Raffle tickets are available for purchase at the dealership as well as at both humane society locations - 6500 S. 70th St. and 2320 Park Blvd.

About Mark Pieloch: Mark Pieloch is the president and owner of PF, Inc., a world leading developer and manufacturer of quality flavors for both the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement animal health industries. Pieloch has more than 30 years of experience formulating palatable and stable companion animal health products.

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