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Server hardening is not a new concept today. However, there have been so many advancements in the server hardening technology. One such advanced technology is implemented in the server hardening and optimization offered at

Online PR News – 25-August-2009 – – Press Advance, August 2009 - With the advancements in technology, there is no scarcity for the server hardening services today. However, when it comes to the server hardening services with the most advanced technologies, there are only a very few of them. While most of the advanced server hardening solutions come with very heavy price tags, the solution offered by is very much affordable. Moreover, it is promised that the server hardening through optimizes the server in several areas. Let’s have a chat with the professionals and know how they offer this service for cheap prices. “People out there have a misconception that anything that comes for cheap prices will lack quality and features. They should remember the fact that things are very different in the case of server hardening solutions. With all these expertise in providing server hardening solutions, we are well aware about the advanced technologies and the areas of the server that needs optimization. We avoid optimizing unwanted areas thereby saving our clients lots of money” says Mr. Dan of

Speaking about the special feature of the sever hosting solution named ServerGuard, Mr. Dan said, “This is not another common sever hardening solution that is commonly available everywhere. ServerGuard optimizes the much needed areas of your server such as HTTP/Apache, FTP, DNS Bind and SSH. Once the optimization is done, ServerGuard moves forward to the security. ServerGuard provides maximum security to the server by server hardening for maximum security and performance against syn flood attacks, spoofed packets, DNS poisoning, ICMP DOS/redirect attacks and more.

Speaking on the move, Mr. Dan Said, “We are also offering the most advanced VPS hosting that comes with very light prices tags too. Our VPS servers are full loaded with the essential tools and software to run the most advanced websites. We will be keeping on updating the technology of our services but will still provide them at affordable rates.”


HostV was launched in 2007 as a new division of Cirtex Corp which was founded in early 2003. The staff behind HostV have been in the hosting industry for over 5 years. By combining their experience and knowledge they have in the hosting industry over the past years, HostV is now a leading provider in vps hosting and dedicated hosting solutions.

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