flipb Software Announces Cloud Publishing Platform Integration

Digital publishing company, flipb Software, announces company to integrate cloud publishing platform into flipbook publishing software with 1 GB of storage free

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – San Jose, CA, May 5th 2014 – flipb Software has introduced an additional, cloud based, method to publish digital flipbooks using their digital publishing software, flipb.

flipb Software, a leading provider of pdf to flipbook conversion software has fused its existing digital publishing platform with the cloud to streamline the publishing process. Publishing to the flipb Cloud will not conflict with preexisting methods of publishing such as FTP or offline but rather provide flipb users with more options and advantages.

The main advantages being the ability to instantly convert, customize, publish, and upload digital content and marketing material. This new integration enables flipb users to instantly publish their flipbooks to the cloud so that they can place their digital content on their website, send it out via email, or share it on popular social media sites. flipb Software users will enjoy a more efficient way to publish with up to 1 Gigabyte of storage space provided at no additional cost.

In addition to providing its customers with free storage, flipb, will also provide storage to flipb Software users that are testing the software. Users testing the trial version will be able to test using the full publishing capabilities of flipb Software with up to 1GB provided for free.

The in house development team has utilized top of the line CDN technology to serve content to end-users with faster loading times and efficient functioning flipbook publications. Flipbook readers and audiences will enjoy the content delivery speed and accessibility.

How does it work?
From within the software interface, users can simply select the publish icon and the method at which they wish to publish. When selecting the option to publish to the cloud, users will be given a secure URL to access their flipbook content which can be instantly opened and viewed.

What are the benefits of using the flipb Cloud?
Acceleration and streaming of flipbook publishing and upload process to assist with content delivery times

Improved loading times and more efficient flipbook publications utilizing CDN technology
Provided an entire gigabyte of enhanced storage space at no additional costs

To learn more about our digital publishing solutions, our new technological advancements, or how you can get started publishing your flipbooks to the flipb Cloud today, please contact us or visit us at flipb.com.