Infinit-O Launches its New Subsidiary for Contact Center Outsourcing

Infinit-O announces launch of Infinit Contact, its new contact center outsourcing subsidiary, which helps businesses succeed in their customer service

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – Manila City – Infinit Outsourcing (Infinit-O), a first-rate outsourcing company that globally serves the market, announces launch of Infinit Contact as its new subsidiary. It aims to serve businesses seeking help with their customer service needs and to help them meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

“For Infinit-O to continuously strengthen existing relationships with its clients and build new business relationships under the customer service domain, Infinit-O’s top management has decided to launch Infinit Contact. This will help us fully focus on each of its verticals and aim for higher satisfaction rates from our potential and existing clients,” Pat Keegan, Senior Vice President for Business Development and Client Solutions Group, shares.

The VP for Contact Center Services, Al Pangan, adds, “Delivering the finest customer service is one of the aspects businesses look into these days. Considering this, being able to adapt to the swift-paced rise of technologies used in customer service quickly becomes one of the greatest endeavors businesses face today. Infinit Contact emerged to further provide customized solutions to such challenges.”

Infinit-O’s first quarter successes, including notable increases in its revenues, full time employees (FTEs), clients, and office space, are more likely to be repeated by the end of Q2. Subsequently, Infinit-O has launched Infinit Contact as its dedicated subsidiary brand in delivering high quality contact center outsourcing services to the industry.

Infinit Contact specializes in providing contact center outsourcing services including inbound and outbound customer support, back office data management solutions, and social media services to a global clientele with the goal of leading the competition – it’s definitely worth it to keep an eye on it. For more information, visit