Annual Labor Law Common Myths List Announced

Leading online compliance solutions site Labor Law Center reveals annual list of five most common myths for businesses.

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – Garden Grove – Labor Law Center, a trusted online source and marketplace for business compliance solutions, announces its annual list of the top myths about labor law postings for small and large businesses and federal contractors and subcontractors. The compliance site, which is celebrating its 14th labor law poster update season, keeps businesses up-to-date on all state, federal, OSHA and FMLA posting requirements.
Myth 1: You have to update your labor law posters each year.
False: “Labor law posters only have to be updated when there is a mandatory change to the law. Last year there were 119 updates to labor law posters but not all were mandatory,” says Labor Law Center’s Elizabeth Beaubien.
Myth 2: If you have a facility with multiple floors, you only have to display labor law posters on one floor.
Depends: “If you can demonstrate that all employees visit the floor where the poster is displayed regularly then you are compliant but the safest choice to ensure compliancy is to have a poster visible to employees on each floor,” says Beaubien.
Myth 3: If you only have one employee you don’t have to display labor law posters.
False: “Although sole proprietors don’t have to display posters, as soon as you have one employee then you must display the required state and federal labor law postings,” says Beaubien.
Myth 4: I’m displaying the labor law poster so I’m compliant.
False: “Whenever there is a mandatory update to the state or federal law that requires a poster update you must update your labor law poster. Compliance management services can alert you when these changes occur so you don’t have to keep checking for changes,” says Beaubien.
Myth 5: Federal contractors and subcontractors only have to display federal and state labor law posters.
False: “Federal contractors and subcontractors must also display the National Relations Act (NLRA), Walsh-Healey Poster, E-verify Notice and OSHA’s Employee Whistle-Blower Rights Notice,” says Beaubien.
“Our annual list of the top five myths is meant to shine a light and dispel myths about labor law postings,” says Labor Law Center’s Elizabeth Beaubien. Labor Law Center also provides a FAQ section on its website with more information about labor law postings, a 365-day return policy and access to a customer service representative via live chat capabilities on its website.
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