Hammond Capital launches Customizable Trading Algorithm in Asia

HONG KONG -- Hammond Capital today announced the launch of Algorithm Manager in Asia.

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – Hong Kong – Hammond Capital's Algorithm Manager features a new tool that provides traders with dynamic control over the execution strategy of individual orders.

Hammond Capital's launch of Algorithm Manager is part of Hammond Capital's global expansion of its customisable electronic trading platform.

Hammond Capital's Algorithm Manager allows traders to automatically switch an order between several different Electronic Trading algorithms depending on market conditions, time or quantity executed. When Algorithm Manager receives an order, execution begins with the default algorithm. Upon occurrence of an event or passage of time as defined in the execution template, Algorithm Manager switches to an alternate algorithm and continues the order execution.

Hammond Capital's Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Callum MacFarlane said: "Algorithm Manager is an important step in our goal towards providing clients with a full suite of customisable and intelligent trading solutions."

Hammond Capital's Managing Director and Head of the Equities Structuring Group, Ms. Susan Wong said: "As the marketplace in Asia becomes more electronic, it is more important than ever that our clients are armed with the most sophisticated and flexible tools available to react to various factors and changes in market conditions."

Hammond Capital's Electronic Trading provides a complete spectrum of services, from pre-trade analytics and execution to post-trade execution performance analysis and commission management. Hammond Capital offers a comprehensive algorithmic trading suite and various direct market access (DMA) strategies, including our smart order routing technology and our dark pool aggregator.

Hammond Capital is an offshore private wealth management firm that provides comprehensive financial and investment advice across all financial disciplines to international corporations and high net-worth individuals, as well as addressing the needs of the global private retail investor that are seeking to increase their net worth for now and in the future. No matter whether you are a multi-national corporation or a private investor looking to take advantage of what has traditionally been the preserve of the institutions, it all starts with a wealth management interview which allows our industry leading investment specialists to identify each of our client’s specific needs, goals and financial aspirations.

This is central to what we do at Hammond Capital, and is crucial to creating synergistic investment stratagems for each and every client. This is the foundation from which we structure every account with Hammond Capital and enable us to best design tailored long-term investment plans that are rigorously designed to meet our clients best interests in what has recently proven to sometimes be a very challenging investment environment.

Hammond Capital opened its doors in 1992 in the financial heart of Asia and over two decades later we put our continuing success down to remaining true to the vision of our founders; being at the vanguard of providing an outstanding client focused offshore service, centered on straightforward, crystal-clear financial planning and advice.

Hammond Capital believes that by maintaining full alignment to these core principles we can provide a comprehensive investment service available in the offshore investment arena with complete confidence. Furthermore Hammond Capital believes that the best way to do this is by providing fully integrated and individually accommodating integrated private wealth management solutions tailored to each individual client’s expectations and requirements.