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With the current economic crisis, it’s quite seldom that we get to see a one-man company that manages to pull a $30,000 per month, without spending a dime on advertising.

Online PR News – 18-March-2009 – – With the current economic crisis, it’s quite seldom that we get to see a one-man company that manages to pull a $30,000 per month, without spending a dime on advertising. Such is the case of a 29 year old chiropractor who gets between 16 and 20 new laser targeted patients per month from nowadays’ social media hype.

Dr. Matthew Loop, founder and owner of DCincome.com, reveals on his website a set of tactics never shown before, telling everyone how he managed to capitalize the exposure on social network sites like Myspace, Youtube and Facebook to get massive amounts of people to visit his service. And he is talking about high quality leads, the conversion rates are huge, much higher than with any other source of traffic. The paid leads that other services are offering don’t match the ones you can get with this system, not to say untargeted traffic.

“This is unheard of in the chiropractic practice”, started Dr. Loop in his interview. “Most fellow chiropractors usually spend anything between $1,000 and $2,000 per month for their chiropractic marketing campaigns and get sloppy results. All my fellow chiropractors that aren’t using my formula barely get 1-2 new patients per week with their ad campaigns, I usually get 4-5 times more. What DCincome does is show everyone, for free, the secrets of getting a huge amount of traffic to your service and build a nice stable residual income. Forget about outdated ways of marketing, they’re useless. We are in the Web 2.0 age, and marketing should follow this trend”.

Getting a bit on the technical part, Dr. Loop pointed out that Facebook, Youtube and Myspace are among the 5-6 most visited sites in the world, according to Alexa.com, the service that measures the amount of traffic a site gets on a daily basis. Thus, for the last two and a half years, he has based his chiropractic internet marketing campaigns on these three sites alone to bring massive amounts of patients to his chiropractic service. “Capitalizing on the huge number of people who frequently visit these sites is the way to go”, continued Dr. Loop, “and my completely unheard of system, strategy and tactics are going to show you what to do, lead you step by step, by the hand and get the best leads from the social media revolution that is occurring these days. Want proof? Barrack Obama won the presidency highly due to the large exposure on sites such as Youtube. If you’re not capitalizing, you’re missing out, and the competition will start to do that.”

For quite a while, Dr. Loop has done it the way we all are used to. He spent fortunes on marketing e-books, traffic and links.. He got a handful of patients and that was about it. The profits weren’t even enough to make ends meet in day to day life, not to mention build a small fortune. That was until he came up with his innovative web 2.0 chiropractic marketing system that simply turned his whole life around. “My business was close to bankruptcy. I was barely getting a few patients per week and the profits simply weren’t enough to pay for the rent. I couldn’t afford spending a few thousands per month on offline advertising in my town, as my niche is too narrow to simply put up a huge billboard downtown and watch the patients flow in. I spent heaps on pay-per-click advertising, but that failed miserably as well. I knew there had be something I could do, but I just didn’t know what. One evening I was watching my nephew browsing a site where he was sharing photos with his friends. I asked what that was, and he said Facebook, don’t you have a profile yet?. He spent fifteen minutes explaining me what it was about, and every piece of the puzzle simply came to its place. I spent the whole night surfing on Facebook, Youtube and Myspace and by dawn the chiropractic marketing plan was there. One week later, I got my very first patient from the Internet. By the end of the month, ten new ones had called me and asked for service”.

The system is extremely simple and straightforward. No solid knowledge in marketing is required: if you can upload a video on Youtube then you have all the skills it takes to duplicate Dr. Loop’s success. All it takes is a computer with Internet access. And no, it doesn’t only work for chiropractors, Dr Loop’s chiropractor marketing techniques can be used in any field: whether you are selling Internet domains or baby Chihuahua’s, this marketing plan can work miracles for your business.

Dr. Loop’s lessons will discuss in detail techniques like Facebook social ads, advertising on your profile page, creating and managing social groups, adding a Facebook page for your website, using Facebook applications or measuring the video popularities. Also, you will learn, on step by step tutorials, how to socialize on these social media sites towards leveraging your services and how to build a huge group of fans.

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