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INLIFE launches pre & probiotics capsules with a perfect blend of 5 million live bacteria for your digestive health and well-being.

Online PR News – 06-June-2014 – hyderabad – Your gut is your immune system’s commander. The beneficial bacteria in your gut can be killed during different conditions like anxiety, stress, malnutrition, aging, lack of sleep, etc. This process may weakens your immune system and leads to many health problems.

So, to prevent illness or to treat different conditions associated with inadequate beneficial bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics are needed.

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that work with your body and helps maintain a healthy balance between the good bacteria and bad flora in the gut; whereas prebiotics helps to stimulate the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, the process that is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Keeping the various health benefits of prebiotics and probiotics in mind, INLIFE launches an excellent combination of prebiotics and probiotics in liquid filled hard gelatin capsules for healthy digestive system and your overall wellbeing.

The USP of INLIFE Pre & Probiotics Capsule is that it is a perfect blend of 5 billion live bacteria and is encapsulated in liquid filled hard gelatin capsules.

Features of INLIFE Pre & Probiotic Capsules

1. Liquid filled capsules

2. Contains no plasticizers

3. Low moisture intake

4. Band sealing prevents leakages

5. Tamper proof capsules

6. Offers enhanced bioavailability

You can enjoy the benefits of INLIFE Prebiotics and Probiotics Capsules in the following conditions.

Probiotics have anti-bacterial activity against certain molds and yeasts and show a positive effect on the immune system by boosting antibody production.

It may inhibit the development of breast cancer cells and also helps in the recovery of chemotherapy patients.

Bifidobacterium strains may reduce the symptoms associated with fever and influenza infection in elderly persons. It also may reduce the chance of stroke and atherosclerosis by reducing the serum cholesterol level.

Probiotics help in the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment by reducing the constituency and number of bowel movements. It also has a positive effect in inflammatory bowel disease treatment.

Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements help to recolonize the gastrointestinal tracts after an antibiotic therapy. It helps in the primary prevention of eczema and reduces the risk of respiratory infections in children.

Some strains of probiotic supplement may protect the urogenital tract by inhibiting the adhesion of urinary and vaginal pathogens.

Certain strains of probiotics such as L. acidophilus NCFM will help decrease the occurrence of pediatric diarrhea and also helps with the symptoms of fever, runny nose and cough.

Prebiotic supplements may prevent yeast infections and enhance the overall gastrointestinal health. They are also useful for acidity problem by reducing the acidic condition in the gut.

Saccharomyces strain of probiotic may increase the recovery rate of AIDS patients (stage 4) suffering from diarrhea.

In lactose intolerant people, Lactobacillus may facilitate lactose digestion with regular consumption. It also helps reduce toxic amines in the blood.

So these are all the various health benefits that a probiotic supplement has got to offer.

Hence daily intake of 2 capsules of pre & probiotics after breakfast and dinner will successfully help you find an effective solution to all your digestive problems.

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