We An-Ser Communications Group Begins a New Social Media Education Initiative

We An-Ser Communications Group is beginning a new initiative to educate businesses on the need for safety for their drivers and staff.

Online PR News – 02-June-2014 – Regina, SK – We An-Ser Communications Group is beginning a new initiative to educate businesses on the need for safety for their drivers and staff. They will use social media as the primary method to get the message out to businesses and organizations that use drivers for product delivery or to provide services for customers. This will include posting informative articles and tips online about communication and safety and how to better utilize your answering service to improve customer service.

We An-Ser Communications is a company that provides 24-hour communications to many businesses throughout North America. This includes oil and gas companies, medical facilities, and property management among others. They record inbound and outbound calls and log them for future reference as well as communicate with clients via text messaging, email, and other communications channels.

Companies of all sizes and in many industries can benefit from the services that We An-Ser Communications provides. They act as a telephone answering service to take information from callers or answer questions or even work as a dispatch. Journey management is another service the company provides for businesses that send drivers out over the road to ensure timely delivery. They also follow the route to ensure that the drivers make it to their destinations safely. This is an especially important concern for companies that work in remote areas with limited cell phone service or other communication options.

We An-Ser Communications specializes in Lone Worker solutions to provide safety and communications to employees that are dispatched on calls or work on projects alone. This solution protects the integrity of your company and supports your staff when they are out in the field.

As a medical and healthcare answering service, We An-Ser Communications handles emergency and priority calls. It may be to answer after-hours calls instead of talking to a recording or they may provide assistance to staff that work when the main office is closed.
"Our staff members are committed professionals that seek to provide support and superior customer care. We are the friendly voices that soothe the upset customer or the one that needs reassurance or answers to their problems." – Ashley Maszaros, owner of We An-Ser Communications

As a virtual answering service, We An-Ser Communications provides information to a variety of customers for businesses of all sizes. They work with large corporations or small enterprises that cannot afford to have a full-time receptionist or customer service agent taking calls on a sporadic basis. This service also provides assistance for calls that require immediate handling by dispatching the correct employee or department to handle these customer needs that cannot wait until regular business hours.

We An-Ser Communications provides monitoring of facility alarms for businesses 24 hours a day. They may serve as the emergency line or provide vehicle telematics services to monitor the location and status of fleet vehicles. For businesses that send personnel out on their own, the company also provides help for mandown personal safety devices. This allows the person working alone to stay in contact with others for improved communication and safety in the case of an accident or injury.

We An-Ser Communications has offices in Alberta and Saskatchewan but serves companies all across North America. They provide service to businesses and organizations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We An-Ser Communications provides award winning virtual receptionist, dispatching, medical answering services, man down services, lone worker support, wireless panic services and more. They service the markets of Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Llloydminster, Fort St. John and Estevan.

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