Computer Market Research Introduces Innovative Design for Co-op/MDF Software

Resellers and distributors are now able to effectively manage funds from vendors

Online PR News – 04-June-2014 – San Diego, CA – Computer Market Research (CMR), a leading developer of web-based channel management solutions, has redesigned its Co-op/MDF software to provide multi-vendor funds management for resellers and distributors.

Co-op dollars and market development funds (MDF) are used in an indirect sales channel, where they are made available by a vendor to help resellers and distributors sell more products and create brand awareness. The majority of resellers and distributors have large networks of vendors, most of which offer Co-op dollars or MDF. Having so many vendors makes it difficult for resellers and distributors to manage their advertising dollars, resulting in large sums of money that are never used. Some industry estimates suggest that for every dollar of MDF available, at least 50 cents goes unused. This is typically a result of the programs being too difficult to manage.

Co-op/MDF software is intended to automate processes that were previously administered manually, eliminating the need to track funds via phone, fax, and spreadsheet. CMR's web-based software simplifies the management of Co-op/MDF programs by providing users with a centralized summary of all Co-op/MDF activities.

CMR's development team has expanded the functionality of their Co-op/MDF software so that resellers and distributors have the capability to create their own account, then populate the database with their network of vendors. This allows them to monitor all of their trade promotion activities by easily tracking prior approval requests, claim statuses, accruals earned, and payments received, all from a unified dashboard.

“We’ve already seen a handful of cases where distributors and resellers, some having up to hundreds of vendors, find it extremely challenging to manage their Co-op dollars and MDF," said Ron Bostater, Channel Sales Manager at Computer Market Research. "This creates an unimaginable amount of money left on the table. It also leads to advertising dollars being spent on activities that don’t drive revenue growth. For most Co-op programs, distributors and resellers receive 1%-2% of their sales. If managed appropriately, these dollars add up quickly and can create an enormous impact on sales within the channel.”

“Our software has already received great feedback from distributors and resellers. It gives them the opportunity to use funds that may have otherwise expired. We believe that we're one of the first, if not the only, software developer to launch a Co-op/MDF campaign with resellers and distributors as the primary focus,” said Bostater.

CMR's Co-op/MDF software is supported on their PartnerPortal, a web-based platform that also supports Deal Registration and Reseller Profile, among other software solutions.

About Computer Market Research, Ltd.:

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Computer Market Research delivers cost effective, web-based applications and services to manufacturers across the globe. CMR aims to assist manufacturers in managing channel data, optimizing trade promotions, and maximizing the effectiveness of distribution channels. With over 30 years of industry experience, CMR’s innovative solutions convert data into intelligence.