Enrollment in Pharmatech’s Revolutionary AccessPPM Program Launches

Exciting new opportunities present themselves for cancer patients and the clinical trials industry.

Online PR News – 04-June-2014 – Denver, Colo. – Pharmatech commences enrollment for its AccessPPM program after a two year investment into this game-changing method for matching cancer patients to cancer clinical trials.

Utilizing the Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx) molecular profiling and patients’ treatment history, AccessPPM matches patients into the clinical trial that is suited for their disease. Clinical trials of today are targeted at specific cancers, disease staging, as well as genetic mutations - which may be a contributing factor for the cancer in the first place. The challenge is that this information may not be well known to the patient or even their treating oncologist. Therefore, patients in AccessPPM have their tumor biopsy analyzed for over expression of certain biomarkers and are matched with the right study.

Rob Bohacs, CEO of Pharmatech, commented, “We are sincerely pleased to begin the enrollment phase of this program and begin to match patients with clinical trials at a genetic level. The evolution of research today is transforming and research is accelerating, but there is a disconnect between patients’ understanding of their disease and the complexity of clinical trails. Clinical trials are being designed to target mutations at a cellular level and that complexity challenges the ability to match patients to the right study. AccessPPM will change the way patients access clinical trials and will help pharmaceutical companies identify patients that are interested in research.”

The comprehensive molecular testing will be performed by Paradigm at their commercial laboratory at the University of Michigan. The Paradigm PCDx test evaluates over 500 molecular abnormalities and delivers those results in one week, to the treating physician. The test evaluates the known, clinically actionable mutations for solid tumor malignancies, and provides specific associations for potential FDA approved therapies and investigational treatments.

About Pharmatech, Inc.

Pharmatech, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a Site Management Organization (SMO) and Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a focus on oncology clinical research. Through an organized network of cancer clinics, the Company focuses on advancing the development of products for a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and on promoting cancer patient care through the inclusion of clinical trials in a spectrum of patient treatment options.

About Paradigm

Paradigm is a non-profit corporation established to bring cutting-edge diagnostics and biomarker driven clinical trials to benefit cancer patients. Through Next-Gen Sequencing, and other biomarker analysis, Paradigm is able to provide information about the genomic landscape of a patient’s cancer, as well as potential therapies based on the specific characterization of the patient’s tumor; thus, personalizing each patient’s course of treatment. Paradigm’s cancer diagnostic test, PCDx, provides oncologists with more precise information about the specific cancer pathways in the patient and associations between the pathways and the specific drugs available that can affect the cancer to allow for more effective decision-making. The test is driven by supporting data and literature and provides more choices for patient care than currently available on the market. Paradigm, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan with research facilities in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is a collaboration between the University of Michigan Health System and the International Genomics Consortium.