Kids Farm Game: Just Released by GameiMax for Kids

Kids Farm is awesome game for kids developed by GameiMax. Kids will know how to grow frits & vegetables as well know the use of farming tools.

Online PR News – 02-June-2014 – 2-June-13 Ahmedabad/Gujrat – GameiMax has arrived with awesome farming game called "Kids Farm". It is such a nice game for kids to know about farming. It is also extremely free to download.

The Kids Farm is game for kids and helps them to get idea about farming. There are various harvesting tools available inside the game players have to finish all the activities like grow delicious fruits , vegetables and don't forget to water your plants quickly when they start to wilt. Also harvest crops as soon as possible by tapping on them or they will go bad. Use pesticide when insects start to attack crops.

The kids farm teaches kids about farm, vegetables, fruits that grow in farm and farm equipment. There are also included mini games like fruit tapping, fruit catching and other, players have to finish all these games within given timeline.

Features included inside the game

==>Grow your Kids Farm with delicious crops, fruits, veggies, flowers, trees.
==>Use performance like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders to grow your Kids Farm faster!
==> Plow, seed and harvest to gain great experience of farming!
==> Beautiful graphics! Great Sounds!
==> HD Graphics with amazing detail
==> 3 mini games included inside game

All Above features available inside the game.

Said by Founder of GameiMax: "Kids just know to eat fruit and veggies but they don’t aware of its growing process, so here in kids farm game kids will get idea about process about how to grow fruits and vegetables. All farming tools available inside the game with using all that tools you can grow your favorite fruits & vegies. This game is specially developed for kids and free to download"

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