Control Z Starts Offering Dedicated IT Support for Businesses in South Australia

Control Z recently announced that they now had a fully functional IT support team ready to start working for South Australian businesses of all size.

Online PR News – 02-June-2014 – Adelaide, SA – Control Z was rumored to be piloting its IT support services for quite some time. However, the company recently confirmed that they were in fact piloting it for a while but now the service was ready to start helping South Australian businesses with their IT issues. The IT Support service according to the company’s website mainly consists of onsite support, offsite and even virtual support or remote assistance as it is called. The company boasts of a team of highly experienced, Microsoft Certified professionals who will help businesses of all sizes and types with their IT related problems.

The problem that many small and medium size businesses in particular face around South Australia is the fact that their computers are not always functioning optimally. These businesses consist of perhaps a dozen or so people who have no idea as to how to fix common and uncommon computer related problems. This causes a number of problems which are not limited but include payroll errors, computer down times, network problems, missed client information and accidental deletion of important data. While finding help is not extremely difficult the fact is that a lot of the professionals around are pretty expensive if businesses need to hire them to fix the problem. However, Control Z on the other hand works to ensure that businesses do not have a problem by troubleshooting even the smallest of reported issues and reading through reports to determine if the system is stable. This helps prevent possible downtime and in the event of downtime a team of experts can arrive on site to get things up and ready quickly. This minimizes the downtime considerably.

The objective of our service is to try and minimize the downtime that businesses may experience when computers fail.

"With our IT support services we want to help businesses stay up and running by fixing potential problems before they amount to something big. In order to do this we can remotely troubleshoot computers, run system scans and a team of IT specialists can even be onsite fixing a physical problem with a computer or server," said one of the IT professionals who works for the company. "The objective of our service is to try and minimize the downtime that businesses may experience when computers fail."

Control Z is an established IT business solutions provider and over the years they have grown quite considerably to encompass many services and solutions that businesses need. They are often considered one of the largest and most trusted B2B service providers in the country mainly because they are trusted by dozens of businesses of all sizes.

More information about Control Z’s IT support services can be found on their website: Businesses who want to hire Control Z’s service can do so by either contacting them via the website or simply calling the number on their site. The company also provides a free IT review service for businesses in South Australia.

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