CTM Flooring Offers New Range of Security Doors that Thieves Cannot Easily Get Past

Thieves are getting past security doors costing thousands of dollars. But CTM Flooring has announced that their security doors are now a lot less vulnerable.

Online PR News – 30-June-2014 – Sydney, NSW – The average Australian spends up to $1500 on security doors. While the majority of security doors are installed with increasing domestic security in mind there are still break-ins. According to experts even the most secure doors are vulnerable to break-ins if they are not installed correctly.

While our doors and the locks that accompany these doors are secure we do ask that all our clients secure their homes using other techniques as well.

Installing a series of security doors in your home is just the first step to stepping up your security. That said there are a number of other things that should also be considered alongside installing these doors. Security experts point out that even titanium plated doors are bypassed because the locking mechanism is either badly installed or the hinges used to install them were rusty. Some people skimp on installing high quality locks and hinges which still leaves them vulnerable.

“If you are going to install security doors you need to do it in conjunction with other security parameters like secure back doors, window grills and one way locks. This will make it impossible for an intruder to get into your home. You need to remember that intruders will not just walk through your front door or your windows. But they may also employ simple techniques like knocking on your door. So you should also install a wide angle peep hole.” Says CTM Flooring’s security expert “While our doors and the locks that accompany these doors are secure we do ask that all our clients secure their homes using other techniques as well.”

If you are really serious about security also consider hiring an expert to inspect your home. Most security experts have decades of experience with intrusion protection and are able to spot holes that a regular home owner will miss. That said you’ll only need an expert if you’re living in a really expensive home, and have experienced frequent break-ins over the years. If this is not the case simply make sure that your security measures are not easy to bypass. You may also want to invest in an alarm with a security company monitoring your home when you’re away. Alarm systems are easy and cost effective, your secure doors will give the authorities enough time to reach your home and take appropriate measures.

If you have been searching for security doors, grills and other security related items then visit CTM Flooring’s website for more information or to browse their inventory of available items. Visit www.ctmflooring.com.au.

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