New Color Sorted Loom Elastic band Refill Pack Available on Amazon

No more picking through mixed colored bags for the specific colored band that you need with the new release of the Prism Loom Bands Refill Pack.

Online PR News – 02-June-2014 – Manorville/NY – Colored loom bands have become an extremely popular toy/craft for kids to create their own bracelets, charms and other small structures by braiding and knotting little, brightly colored silicon bands. Most kids get started with the starter kit which has the loom, a hook, a bag of mixed colored bands and instructions for making a bracelet design. From there, they really get to explore their own creativity and come up with all kinds for different designs. There are several different styles of bracelet patterns with names such as, Fishtail,Single,Railroad, Diamond,Triple Single etc. which can also be made longer as a necklace.

Parents have been running from store to store, searching endlessly for additional bands and clips to provide the materials to feed their kids' newly found creative hobby. Most stores that carry the loom bands will generally have the starter kits, and they will also have small packages of bands in stock to choose from. The Prism Loom Band Refill pack has been recently launched to help fill this need.

The Prism Loom Bands Refill Pack comes as a single package of 3000 brightly colored, durable latex-free bands, which are sorted by color into 10 smaller resealable bags. The package also comes with 125 fastening clips and 2 mini hooks for making plenty of bracelets, charms and many other creative designs that your child can imagine. They are now available on %PR_LINK% and you can also find them on %PR_LINK2%

Some kids have even created their own you-tube pages where they show you how they make different loom band creations that they have made. Loom Bands really have become a very popular way for kids to not only explore their creativity, but it also helps with their fine motor skills and dexterity. Parents also enjoy the convenience of purchasing one low priced package that will keep their children busy for hours with these high quality, latex-free beautifully colored bands.