US Answer Launched the Most Affordable Answering Service in the US

US Answer is one of the best and the most affordable answering services available in the US today.

Online PR News – 31-May-2014 – Portland, ME – US Answer is one of the best and the most affordable answering services available in the US today. Focusing to meet the needs of small businesses, it is by far the only live answering service in the US that focuses extensively towards the needs of small business companies.

Offering amazing phone answering services that cater to the needs of small business owners, it tries to differ from other answering services available in the marketing industry in the US today. Offering not only costumer friendly but also provides excellent services at affordable prices US Answer do not charge any overage fees. The user pays only for the time used in talking and nothing extra, again cutting down the prices.

One more advantage is the efficient delivery system. Be it effectively transferring calls or sending messages via texts or mails automatically, US Answer makes sure that leads are delivered directly at the sales force. This not only helps in saving time but also the various transportation issues one has to face while transporting these leads.

Another advantage and by far the best one of using this phone answering service is that one can view the messages on phone as well as on the web. This helps in getting connected with the service providers and the customers whenever and wherever one wants to. Most of the small business owners use their mobile phones or tablets to manage their business operations. In the same way, with the help of this phone answering service, the incoming telephone leads can be managed. They have developed an answering service mobile application that helps the owners to have an optimized view of the information that is provided on the customized web portal on their mobile phones only. This includes managing the messages, viewing minutes used to date, and getting and sending updates regarding the availability of the user to receive the transferred calls.

With all the answering services provided by the US Answers, they just need one regular update. The receptionists at the US Answers are provided with regular updates from the users for the availability to receive calls and messages so that the receptionists can call that person back and tell about the availability of the owner. It is very simple and fascinating, like having a receptionists even if the owner is not even having an office!!

Talking about the phone leads on the web, all one has to do is login and have an easy access on the US Answer web portal and call back the business callers. One can also take a look at the minutes used and even talk to the receptionists at the US Answers, in real time regarding the availability or any queries or problems being faced. This also helps in cutting down on the minutes being used and once again reducing the cost.

By using this answering service, even small business can be made more professional and always have an upper edge over the competitors. So starting using this innovative phone answering service and take a big step towards success.

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