Laura Whidden's "Table for One" Appearing on Music Zone

Laura Whidden is a singer, songwriter and co-star of the show Michiana's Rising Star

Online PR News – 31-May-2014 – Michiana, Michigan – Laura Whidden is a singer, songwriter and co-star of the show Michiana’s Rising Star, a reality show filmed on location in Michiana, Michigan, for WNIT TV and PBS. Whidden takes seriously her message to the world through music and her latest album, “You Are,” is dedicated to those who are struggling with depression, self-injury or thoughts of suicide.

Whidden’s latest single from “You Are” is called “Table for One” and documents the story of a woman’s loss of hope and how she finds it again. Whidden says, “When I wrote the song I was fascinated with this idea of hope growing thin. What would that look like? How would I respond to that? I thought, well, I would need to find a way to feed that hope. That was when I realized that we all have the ability to step into the lives of people who are losing the ability to live and share the bread of hope.”

Blue Artists, the producers of the music video, were very drawn to “Table for One.” “I really thought they would choose ‘You Are’ or maybe one of the songs that had already had some traction online, but they were very drawn to ‘Table for One.’ They wanted to know my goals and my brand, and I did not even know what that was. I just kept coming back to the fact that I want to give people hope. I want them to know they are not alone. That is why I do what I do. And then they said, ‘Well it is ‘Table For One’ for sure because that best encompasses who you are.’” Whidden raised the $8,000 to pay for the music video’s production in a single month, and although she described the process as “frightening,” she persisted in remaining true to her vision and her message. “I am invested in emotional wellness issues. I do a lot of work with high school and college kids and self-harm keeps coming up in the past couple years. I will sing and girls will come up afterwards and show me their scars. So with this launch I wanted to find a way to have real awareness about the issues of depression and self-harm.”

That persistence in focusing on her goals has paid off for Laura Whidden and her music. “Table for One” will be rotating on the hit show Music Zone which airs nationally on television networks such as Comcast 230, Time Warner 155, Knology 131, and Antenna 18.1 in the summer of 2014. She has also partnered with charities like To Write Love On Her Arms at and humanitarian aid giant, World Vision. “I want to let people know that they are not alone. If they come away with one message from this I hope it is that there is a place for everyone at the table,” says Whidden.

Laura Whidden’s music style has been compared to Sarah McLaughlin and Aretha Franklin, although her style is her own. Soulful and heartfelt, Laura’s lists her musical influences as Sara Barellis, Sara Groves and Ingrid Michaelson. Laura lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan, with her family: husband Cory, daughter Loralai, 6, and Min Pin Pepina.

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