Robert Wright Jr., Ph.D. Presents Workshop and Lecture at Consciousness Conference

Robert Wright, Jr., Ph.D. presented on stress release at the California Institute of Integral Studies and at Society for Consciousness Studies Conference.

Online PR News – 31-May-2014 – Plantation, Florida – Robert Wright, Jr., Ph.D. conducted a stress release workshop as part of the Alumni University Lecture Series at the California Institute of Integral Studies to be followed by an academic presentation on May 30 for the Society for Consciousness Studies Conference in San Francisco, California. The workshop began with the theory behind the Stress-Anxiety-Physical Pain equation and continued with a demonstration of practical exercises that use creative imagination to re-direct attention to the negative effects of stress thereby dissolving it along with the anxiety and physical pain.

This lecture precedes his scholarly presentation on Friday, May 30 for the Consciousness Conference. Wright will be presenting “First and Second Person Subjective Qualitative Approaches to Achieving Whole Brain Synchrony for Peak Experience and Peak Performance”. The talk centers on whole brain synchrony where right and left cerebral hemispheres, prefrontal and brain stem regions all work together in harmony inducing a Relaxation Response. This response reduces pain, stress, and anxiety in the body by the secretion of helpful homeostatic neurochemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, endogenous morphine and cyclic nitric oxide.
The presentation will challenge scientific bias against first and second person subjective methods for inquiry and in particular that a researcher’s own experience be excluded for objectivity. Attendees will participate in a demonstration of Open Focus and Brain Pattern Interrupt techniques to experience how conscious attention can be shifted to know and feel through physical senses and validate potential self-reporting as researchers.

About Robert Wright, Jr., Ph.D., COFT
Wright is an author, speaker, and Stress Management Wellness Coach who is a graduate of the doctoral program in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His passionate goal is translating the significance and implications of scholarly stress and nitric oxide spiking research into language and practical techniques which can improve the healthy well-being of the general public. Dr. Wright's most recent Book is entitled Orgasmic Relaxation: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind To Relax Using The Tension Relieving Technique, and he is the author of the recently released Orgasmic Relaxation: Finding Your Sweet Spot Using The Brain Plasticity Enhancement Technique.

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