BlackHillsGoldSource Introduces Affordable New Jewelry Cleaner Kit

New cleaning kit comes with everything needed to make cleaning jewelry a breeze.

Online PR News – 31-May-2014 – Boulder/CO – For over seven years, has been providing a complete selection of Landstrom's Black Hills Gold jewelry at discounted prices. Black Hills Gold jewelry is a style of jewelry that was born out of the mining camps during the last great American gold rush in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Landstroms has been building Black Hills Gold jewelry for over 135 years, offering cherished hand-made pieces of American history which are handed down for generations. BlackHillsGoldSource has recently made available their new BlackHillsGoldSource Jewelry Cleaning Kit aimed at helping people easily and economically keep their jewelry looking like new for the generations to come.

BlackHillsGoldSource's new jewelry cleaning kit comes with everything needed to make cleaning jewelry a breeze. The cleaning solution is non-toxic and made in the USA to the highest quality standards, and comes in a conveniently-sized 8oz. jar which serves also as the cleaning container. A plastic basket which fits perfectly within the jar allows easy submerging and removing of jewelry from the cleaning liquid and also holds it safely in place while the jar is gently agitated to remove dirt from the jewelry. Finally, the kit also includes a jewelry cleaning brush for scrubbing crevices and settings after soaking in the jewelry cleaner solution. Everything fits conveniently within the jar and seals tight with the lid.

According to Michael Amato, owner of, "Our new jewelry cleaning kits will make it easy for folks to clean all types of precious metal jewelry like gold, silver and platinum, and gems such as diamond, ruby, topaz, sapphire and more." However, Amato warns, "But remember to use caution with delicate jewelry, and be sure not to use it on porous gems or if stones are glued on."

BlackHillsGoldSource is offering their best jewelry cleaner in convenient 3-packs, making it easy to always have one on hand at home, at work and even have one as a spare.