Got Soul? New Social Networking Site Designed for the Soul, Not the Ego

Female Entrepreneur Launches New Online Concept - Soulful Networking

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Scottsdale, AZ – Entrepreneur Tiffany Cooper has introduced a new online space that takes Social Networking to a new level: the higher self. Introducing

Found at, the "Soulful Networking" site is designed to go beyond sharing everyday happenings (like on most social networking sites) to connecting people on a higher level in areas such as personal growth, gratitude, inspiration and supporting one another’s dreams.

“It is my belief that if we all spent a little more energy focusing on what we are grateful for, what we want more of in our life, and letting go of what we don’t, we’d all be a kinder, happier and healthier version of our best selves,” explains's founder Tiffany Cooper. “ provides tools to help us focus on what’s most important.”

Cooper explains that many social media sites deal with our basic extrinsic needs, which revolve around status, image and success. While those needs are valid, the idea behind is to connect people at a more profound level to help meet intrinsic needs such as helping others, discovering purpose and creating a better life.

It is my belief that if we all spent a little more energy focusing on what we are grateful for what we want more of in our life and letting go of what we don’t we’d all be a kinder happier and healthier version of our best selves

On users create their own content. They can make a personal space, a “MySanctuary” page, and also post and make comments on a central forum called the “SoulCentral Stream.” In these ways it’s like other sites, but it is with a more soulful context.

The site is designed to be a place where a person can go each day to center oneself, focus on goals and dreams, and reach out to others. The site offers seven different elements that allow for reflection, support, release, and sharing. There's a place to post things to be thankful for, set a daily Intention or goal for the day, create a vision board, request or send prayers, journal, post on random acts of kindness, and release what is no longer wanted with a virtual "Dandelion Blow."

“If we are lucky, we may have one friend that we can truly open up to, but how wonderful it would be to have a whole community right at our finger tips that would be there to cheer us on, remind us to be grateful and value us as our true selves,” says Cooper. “I want to be a space we visit for sustenance and strength.” is a free site open to anyone who is willing to abide by the site’s “Playground Rules” which include checking your ego and judgments at the door; being kind and supportive, and saying something nice or nothing at all.

Beginning June 1st, will be launching a 30-day intention-setting series with "Plant your Intentions and watch them GROW." Each day will share positive intentions to model for others how they too can set their own daily intentions.

Cooper explains, "All things first begin with intention, whether we are mindful of it or not. Setting an intention allows us to get really clear on what it is that we want in our lives. When our intentions are positive, we create more happiness and growth. Most of the time though, we don't give any thought to what our intentions are and just react to whatever the day presents us with. When our thoughts are good, we have a good day. When they are bad, we create all sorts of drama and trouble in our lives. Proactively setting a daily intention or goal first thing in the morning can calibrate our minds for positive results, so we are better prepared regardless what comes our way."

For more information, email or visit is a community of Soulful people seeking Soulful connections. Whether it's something you need to let go of or a daily intention of what you want to focus your energy on, we've created a place where you can prioritize your day with what matters most to you. Share as much as you'd like or just spend some time celebrating your soul. As we like to say, it's "All Soul, No Ego.." You are free to be your true magnificent self here!

Unlike other social networking sites, is not about uploading photos from school plays or vacations. It is not a place to discuss politics or last night's party, as there are plenty of other websites that have that well covered. Rather, this site will take a deeper approach, allowing you to go inward and reflect via your private "MySanctuary" page, documenting what you are feeling, what you want more (or less) of, what you may need help with and a place where you can chart a visual path to move your life forward. Rather than "Social Networking," we like to call it "Soulful Networking," providing an outlet via the "SoulCentral" page, which offers support, inspiration and connection. We have worked diligently to create as a safe haven and will never share nor read anything that the user hasn't shared on the site.

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