William Coles launches competition for literary fiction illustrators

A $500 first prize, and substantial promotion, is available to artists of all ages.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Salt Lake City,Ut – William Coles, a retired academic ophthalmic surgeon, has spent the past two decades writing literary stories and lecturing about literary fiction. He has also created the “Story in Literary Fiction” website ( www.storyinliteraryfiction.com ) as an educational resource for writers.

Coles, who resides in Salt Lake City, hires artists to illustrate all his fiction and recently launched the Rockwell/Wyeth/Homer Competition for Fiction Illustrators, a contest for artists of all ages.

He is seeking illustrations for his original story, “Facing Grace with Gloria,” which can be viewed on the “Story in Literary Fiction” website at www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/original-stories-william-h-coles/facing-grace-with-gloria/work . He is the author of thirty-four short stories, four novels, three books and thirty-four essays on writing fictional literary stories.

Illustrations must be submitted on-line at www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/fiction-illustrator-contest . There is no entry fee and the first-place prize is $500. The first runner-up will be awarded $200 and the second runner-up receives $100.

“Artists who are interested in entering the competition should read this piece of literary fiction for content and meaning,” explained Coles. “In creating an illustration, they will want to seek the significance of the story and the source of pleasure for readers as well as the theme and meaning.”

Samples of story illustrations can be seen at www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/original-stories-william-h-coles and www.storyinliteraryfiction.com/gallery

The deadline for submissions July 12 at midnight. Entries will be judged by South African artist Paul Stopforth, a former Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University and currently a full-time visiting faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Winners will be announced on the “Story in Literary Fiction” website on Aug. 1 and the winning entry will be permanently displayed in the site’s art gallery.

“This competition was created to enhance interest and to stimulate artistic creation based on literary themes,” Coles said. “It’s a great opportunity for an artist to promote his or her work since the first-place illustration entry may be viewed by hundreds of thousands as we advertise and publicize the story.”

For additional information, visit www.storyinliteraryfiction.com or the contest’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home

Coles can be contacted directly at whc8826@gmail.com

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