Upholstery Studio now offers a wide selection of decorative nailheads for furniture

Upholstery Studio, Inc. Was founded to provide private labels and the upper end of the design industry with the option of Upholstering Furniture.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – N/A – Since its founding, Upholstery Studio, Inc. Has been dedicated to providing the best upholstered furniture in the southeastern part of the country, working with both professional interior designers and individual homeowners to ensure that each project ends up looking exactly the way it should. Now, Upholstery Studio offers a new way for designers to get the look they want, with the addition of the Nailhead Headboard to our list of options.

The original style of this headboard has been around for a long time, using decorative nailheads on various seams to create a more refined and classic appearance. The style hasn't always been exclusive to luxury furniture, either - in fact, there are quite a few options in a more affordable range that have taken advantage of this look. However, most of these products are simply made and shipped out - Upholstery Studio believes in a different approach.

One of the most important things for any designer is the ability to turn a vision into reality, and that includes designing the furniture in a way that matches their vision. There are only so many ways to do this when working with pre-selected items from a store, which is why Upholstery Studio offers completely custom nailhead designs.

The process begins with the choice of the frame and fabric, allowing designers to get a better sense of what the final product will look like. Many different headboard styles have been made available as a way of ensuring the right option always exists - and, more importantly, the ability to use just about any fabric means designers can get exactly the colors they're looking for. Once these critical points have been selected, the designer has a choice of sixteen different nailheads, most of which are available in three different sizes. The remaining options are fixed in size, but far more elaborate and capable of creating an even more luxurious look.

Upholstery Studio is proud to be able to offer these new selections to designers, helping to make their vision come true. With as much control as possible every step of the way, it's never been easier to get the perfect match for any home.


Upholstery Studio, Inc. Was founded to provide private labels and the upper end of the design industry with the option of Upholstering Furniture to finish their products in a way that matches what they intended to do. The Studio's creative approach to each project allows for a high degree of customization, from choices in fabric and frame to various decorations that can be installed in practically any pattern. Professional designers have full access to the resources provided, while individual homeowners looking for something unique and exciting can contact Upholstery Studio's Recommended Designers and get the help they need to finish up each project.

To learn more about Upholstery Studio, Inc., or to ask questions about product designs and availability, visit us on the web at http://upholsterystudioinc.com, email info@upholsterystudioinc.com, or call our office directly at (336) 906-4782. We're always happy to help our clients get the answers they need to make the perfect interior design choices.