Hollywoodloverugs.com expands nationwide; with over thirty years of experience in the Hollywood trade, features the most exotic and Elegant Rugs

Hollywoodloverugs.com has a unique history of supplying the Hollywood industry with the most exotic high-end area rugs and unusual home rugs to celebrities and entertainment community as well as custom orders at affordable prices. Now expands online Nationwide.

Online PR News – 23-August-2009 – – Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Love Rugs specializes in selling exotic and unusual rugs to the Hollywood community. They have mastered the art of locating hard to find area rugs, home rugs and home decor. The co-owner of Hollywood Love Rugs, Frank Conn, has been selling in Hollywood high-end area rugs and home rugs for over thirty years to entertainment trade and numerous celebrities. They have also been supplying high quality rugs to television series, trade shows, motion pictures and movies. Art directors in Hollywood love Hollywood Love Rugs because of the exclusive collection the company brings, personal service and custom orders.

Hollywood Love Rugs comes with a unique Hollywood experience that no other rugs company in the industry has. This unique experience makes them special. The demands of the Hollywood industry are high; unless a company offers its best, it cannot survive. They supply area rugs to the Hollywood Trade. Also one can see their rugs in movies such as Kevin Costner’s Dancing with Wolves, Michael Mann’s movie Heat, Cher’s Malibu home, MTV awards, Men in Black II, just to name a few.

Frank Conn is dedicated to bringing the best quality rugs at the most competitive prices. Their product range covers elegant, unique unusual rugs, pillows in a large range of materials, including hides, skins, area rugs, shag rugs. They also handle custom orders effectively with great creativity. Interior designers, decorators, art directors of television, movie and trade shows will find Hollywood Love Rugs a great asset. The current web store www.hollywoodloverugs.com is one of the expansion efforts of the rugs business of Frank Conn. They are planning to have 35,000 products indexed in their website, and third-party shopping portals by the end of this summer. Hollywood Love Rugs comes as a major competitor to every rug retailer online. Some of their specialty products include sheepskins, flokati rugs, cowhides, leather shag rugs, cotton shag rugs, decorative pillows
Hollywoodloverugs.com is a state of the art online store from which rug lovers who are keen in purchasing exotic high end rugs at the most affordable pricing can conveniently order from the comfort of their homes. They can also make use of the services of Hollywood Love Rugs to source rare collection of rugs and interior decor items. Their ability to find exotic rugs within short notice is just unbeatable. This contributes to their soaring popularity in the Hollywood trade. Their online store offers a safe shopping environment for the rug lovers. One cannot desire for more when it comes to highest quality rugs – Hollywoodloverugs.com has the largest collection of exotic and elegant rugs and home decor items at the most affordable prices, but still maintains a boutique personality dedicated to satisfying individual customer’s needs. For more information on how to order exotic area rugs, home rugs and home décor items, visit www.hollywoodloverugs.com

The Hollywood Love Rugs Story

I grew up in Brooklyn, but moved to Los Angeles to make it in show business. I was an actor, writer and acting teacher. I worked in the Comedy Store and Improv for years, and wrote the play The Biz with George Clooney acting in it. I was a staff writer for the HBO series Kilroy, produced by Clooney and I wrote for the show Charles In Charge. I have worked with Rosemarie Clooney, George Clooney, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Delta Burke, Angie Dickerson, Kevin Costner, Steven Segal, Barbi Benton, Didi Conn, and McLean Stevenson among others.

I actually got in the rug business when the acting business got slow and I started working in the Swap Meet. I was not interested in being a starving actor. I was just trying to make a little money to get me through the month but when I saw what this guy was making selling rugs, I decided I would give this a shot on my own. I kept at it all the time I was still acting. I even sold rugs when I worked on the set to make more money. I showed up at Paramount with my rug truck when I was writing for George Clooney and sold rugs during my lunch break.

But the acting work was not steady and I never felt I was going to ever make it to stardom. The acting business has gotten a lot tougher since then, with more and more runaway production, low budget and even practically no budget contracts, and a great decrease in dramatic prime time network programming. So the passion for selling rugs continued to gain momentum and I began selling on street corners. You might say, I took my show on the road.

Then I met a great mentor, Sol. He was an old school guy who was totally self made and he saw something in me that reminded him of himself and although we
were 30 years different in age we struck up a strong relationship and he taught me all about seat covers. He owned a sheepskin tannery in South America and was the first to manufacture sheepskin seat covers. I began selling those on street corners and bought two homes in Santa Monica. I decided this was just in my blood. My great grandparents were fruit peddlers back in Russia and before that I had relatives doing this when Moses went up to get the Ten Commandments and found the Burning Bush.

So after spending 20 years in the entertainment business I started selling high end area rugs to the Hollywood Trade, and have supplied rugs for movies produced by Mel Brooks, Kevin Costner's Dancing with Wolves, Michael Mann's movie Heat, Cher’s Malibu home, Raquel Welch, Robert Blake, Rosemarie Clooney, Snoop Dog, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and many more local celebrities.

Ten years ago I and an old acting buddy of mine went online with Hollywood Love Rugs, and since then we have continued to supply unique décor items for the Trade, including Broadway Theater, MTV Music Awards, the Grammy Awards, Men in Black II and many commercials and trade shows. We started right at the beginning of the ecommerce revolution and had a lot of success on a modest platform, receiving reviews and coverage in the New York Times, Juxtapose Magazine and many other publications.

We have been selling specialized products like cowhides, sheepskins, flokati rugs, leather and cotton shag rugs and decorative pillows on a small Yahoo Store, but this year we are restructuring the business to include over 5,000 items across the entire spectrum of high-end, luxurious but affordable area rugs hosted on a new state of the art ecommerce platform. This now puts us in competition with every major online rug retailer in the country.

One thing that is different is that I am still right there available for chat every day, taking phone calls, emails and selling rugs with the same personal service I have always given my clients. We have access to every conceivable type of rug made in the world, and we specialize in custom orders for exotic items such as Flokati rugs, Tibetan lambs wool, sheepskin rugs, cowhide rugs, and many more. And I love to make deals. In the coming weeks we will be further expanding into third-party sales platforms with our entire catalogue: buy.com, amazon.com, the find, grabcart.com, herorbit.com and more. We are aiming to have 35,000 product pages indexed by the end of the summer. That’s what my partner tells me. Don’t ask me anything about computers. Just get on the chat and make me an offer, or give me a chance to find something for you that you might be looking for.

We also work hard to find really unique, beautiful high quality luxurious and yet affordable collections for our customers. We have partnered with two amazing companies for this new launch, Homespice Décor and Chandra Rugs. Homespice Décor has reinvented the traditional braided rug into collections which are just astoundingly beautiful, and Chandra has produced the most stylish collections of contemporary, traditional and transitional area rugs and shag rugs. Both companies specialize in high style, design, color, quality and affordability. We also feature selected collections from other major manufacturers, and of course a large selection of faux fur rugs, fur rugs, animal print rugs, leather rugs, cotton rugs, sheepskin rugs, kids rugs, natural jute, sisal and bamboo rugs, indoor outdoor rugs, wool, artificial silk and polypropylene area rugs, flokati rugs, shag rugs of wool, leather, cotton and artificial silk, and high end decorative accessories.

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