Skyworks Entertainment’s Destructive Dave hits the App Store and Google Play stores

Destructive Dave an action packed fun and entertaining game was launched on the iOS and Android platforms by SkyWorks Entertainment an Australia based Company.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Sydney, Australia – Destructive Dave takes you on a thoroughly entertaining rampaging spree. Designed and developed by Sydney based boutique development company - SkyWorks Entertainment, the game is a welcome relief from the myriad of cannon physics and screen orientation games. It was launched on the iOS on 22nd April 2014 and the Android platform on May 5, 2014.

The game has an interesting plot to keep players involved and engrossed, making it one of the most compelling game. It begins with a short introductory video showing Dave fast asleep. He is disturbed by the loud noise and commotion coming from a construction site near his home. In a fit of anger, Dave stomps out, to hurl different things at the construction workers and get back at them for ruining his sleep.

This action game renders a fun game play where the player helps Dave hit various targets and amass huge scores for themselves. Players have to flick their fingers to direct and swing angry Dave’s arm to throw various tools and weapons at the construction site and the workers there.

Destructive Dave features interesting obstacles or targets that the user has to hit to gain points. These targets vary from construction scaffolding, workers (Luigi, Beno, Caleb and James). Shatter windows, topple ladders, break the scaffolding and embark on a destruction spree to vent your anger on the construction site and workers.

This fun game also features 5 different countries Australia, France, China and America are a few. Each of these settings features famous icons like the Eiffel tower or the Opera House. Players can see each location in morning, afternoon and evening backdrops giving the game a pleasant change. Each country also has three different levels. The game also offers bonuses when players hit the chicken or knock down Mr. Goldman, the property developer. As the game progresses it throws several ‘destruction challenges’ at the player making it a fun experience.

All in all, Destructive Dave aims at thoroughly entertaining players with awesome graphics and a realistic sound score. “We wanted to give our players a venue to unleash their destructive streak, and that's how we came up with Destructive Dave,” Said the head of the marketing team at SkyWorks Entertainment “We are hoping the audience enjoy the game as much as we did while developing it!.”