Rogalski Family Foundation Making Sports Available to Everyone

The Rogalski Family Foundation sponsors athletes who wish to participate in competitive sports but lake the financing to do so.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – London, UK – The Rogalski Foundation is please to announce our new chairman Mr. Craig Rogalski. The Roalski Foundation will now be Chaired by Mr. Craig Rogalski, Mr. Rogalski was voted unanimously Chairman of the Board by the full membership, Mr. Rogalski's husband Kenneth Rogalski will serve as Vice President.

Mr. Rogalski brings a diverse background to the Trust in Sports, Finance and Government. Mr. Rogalski started a talent agency CK Talent Management, Inc. which has growing into larger firm under his leadership. He is on the board of directors of a large media company called and is a former State Representative of the International Amusement Association. He he has worked with DC Comics, Disney, Universal Studios and US Customs on Trademark infringement programs to stop illegal importation of trademark infringed products.

Mr. Rogalski, was appointed in 2006 to serve on the Dept. of States Overseas Security Advisory Council. In addition to the above he has worked with CIA Director Jon Brennan, Invited to create policy by the Director of National Intelligence and was policy Advisor to a US Attorney General.

He is a member of the Renaissance Institute, whose membership is by invitation only and members include former US Presidents, Prime Ministers and Nobel Prize Winners. In 2008, Mr. Rogalski was awarded the Walter Reed Commanders Coin for creating the DOD's first Foreclosure Mediation Program to help Military personnel in foreclosure. In the Early 90's he was asked by the NCAA Compliance Director to help with drafting a truncated Compliance Manual which was distributed to all NCAA Programs and is still in use today. In 2010, he was asked by the State of Florida House Majority Leader to assist in Drafting Foreclosure legislation that would assist in helping the state with its foreclosure crisis. He is a Member of the American Banking Association, where he has met with the ABA President Frank Keating and staffers to address the foreclosure crisis as well.

Currently, Mr. Rogalski through the family trust, sits on several management boards for several Major US Companies ranging from internet based companies to the entertainment industry.

Mr. Craig Rogalski and Mr. Kenneth Rogalski decided to give back by forming the Rogalski Family Foundation in the UK with an initial investment of $2 million in US Dollars from the Roglaski Trust.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his husband Kenneth Rogalski who is the Foundations Vice President and manages the Foundation's investment portfolio. The Rogalski's, currnetly divide their time between Washington D.C. and their home in Palm Beach Florida.

The Rogalski Family Foundation is based in London, England. The Charity's main focus is sponsoring and supporting athletes and athletic programs around the world. The Foundation believes that cooperation through sports and athletics will lead to respect and understand of different culturs and societies around the world. The Foundation sponsors athletes who may not achieve recognition in thier sport due to financial constraints and therefore their talent may be lost. The Foundation started by the Rogalski family works with athletic programs around the world to advance their already existing program or to initiate the start of an athletic programs through education and sponsorship. In addition to the above the Foundation also works with atheletes and coaches to gain the educaitons neceessary to acheive thier atheltic goals, by providing tution grants to higher education schools that would not otherwise be available to them. The trust has worked with Athletic Associations in Great Britain and abroad. The Foundation currently is major sponsor of athletes on the Great Britain Olympic Team. The Foundation currently has assests above 10 million US Dollars and provides funding to several hundred athletic programs throughout Great Britain and the world.