I-TermPaper.com Scientists Explore Art’s Beauty in Seminar Series Scientific Specialists at I-TermPaper.com Will Study Aesthetics

I-TermPaper.com science specialists will attend a seminar series on appreciating art aesthetics. This is hoped to expand the horizons of I-TermPaper.com writers.

Online PR News – 25-July-2010 – – Scientific and technically trained writers at I-TermPaper.com may often focus on their subject areas to the exclusion of the arts and humanities. To counteract this tendency to tunnel vision, the I-TermPaper.com management is hosting a seminar on the arts and aesthetics for our staff. It is hoped that this will broaden the horizon of all our writers, editors and researchers, and enrich their future work.

The absent-minded scientist is an oft-used trope in the popular media. Consider Jerry Lewis’s misfit science professor (The Nutty Professor), or Cary Grant’s handsome but pre-occupied paleontologist (Bringing up Baby). Even Rex Harrison’s obsessed and anti-social linguist (My Fair Lady), bespeaks the public’s perception of scientists as being somewhat oblivious to beauty.

Reality, as always, is more complex. There are plenty of scientist/musicians and scientist/painters out there. There are also many scientists whose writings demonstrate an appreciation for natural beauty: Loren Eiseley, E.O. Wilson, and Carl Sagan come to mind.

However, one can complete an entire scientific or technical degree program without ever studying art or music appreciation or history! Here at I-TermPaper.com, we worry about our specialist writers a bit sometimes, and the new seminar series is an attempt to correct this narrowness of perspective.

Rather than merely history of art, music, and dance, this course will emphasize aesthetics. Our instructors have experience teaching non-artists how to appreciate and verbalize their responses to artistic artifacts and products. The arts will be presented as a manifestation of beauty.

This democratic approach to art begins with an assumption that all humans can appreciate beauty at some level. They simply need to be at a point high enough on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If other needs are satisfied, even I-TermPaper.com science writers with no previous interest can allocate the energy to observing art closely, and thinking about how it makes them feel.

Here at I-TermPaper.com we try to make every project a thing of beauty; whether we are crafting a model paper, a presentation, or an article, our professional writers take personal pride in creating the best product for our customers. Read more about us at http://i-termpaper.com.

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