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The Tech Calendar is the #1 global directory and calendar of software, IT, SaaS, Cloud, digital marketing, and interactive media events.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Menlo Park, CA – The Tech Calendar is the #1 directory and calendar of technology trade shows, conferences, and special events.

There are over 1,800 events on the Tech Calendar for 2014. Our staff researches and compiles new events every week.

We update every event on the Tech Calendar annually. All 2014 events will appear on the 2015 Tech Calendar.

Most of the events on the Tech Calendar are trade shows that feature exhibitors, or conferences that feature speakers and educational programs. This narrows the Tech Calendar down to the face-to-face venues where attendees meet vendors and evaluate technology solutions. There are some user group and vendor conferences with presentations and tabletop exhibits as well.

The Tech Calendar does not list virtual events, webinars, small seminars, and training classes.


In addition to the top compilation of tech events, the Tech Calendar’s popularity is also due to it’s search capability. Users can easily search for events by date, location, keywords, tech sectors, vertical markets, and more.

The Tech Calendar search is powered by Apache Solr. Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Solr powers the search on noteworthy public sites including Netflix,,, The Smithsonian Institution,, NFL Sports, Ticketmaster, and many others.


The Tech Calendar is used by C-level and Business Executives, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, and others – to research and plan their attendance at trade shows.

The Tech Calendar is also used by technology vendors to research events where they may be interested in exhibiting and sponsoring.

Media publishers, editors, and reporters use the Tech Calendar for research on trade shows and conferences.

Event producers use the Tech Calendar to promote their events, and for competitive intelligence.

VCs and search firms use the Tech Calendar to plan their live industry networking throughout the year.

The entire tech community and business people from all industries use the Tech Calendar for information about events that will keep them on the cutting edge.


​We provide a Free Private Label version of the Tech Calendar to many technology industry companies who feature it on their websites… including technology vendors, media publishers, event producers, associations, marketing firms, VCs, search firms, tech bloggers and others.

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The free private label is helping the Tech Calendar go viral and reach more people every day. There are hyperlinks back to the site on every website that displays the free private label version of our calendar.

We are focused on expanding our user base by distributing the free private label Tech Calendar to an increasing number of websites. Some of these sites generate their own marketing around the Calendar, driving even more people back to our site.

​The Tech Calendar Newsletter is sent weekly to 100,000+ recipients, featuring the hottest upcoming tech events.

We also use social networking to tell people about the Tech Calendar.

There have been articles written about the Tech Calendar and its private label viral marketing program – which also tells more people about us.

When people find out about the Tech Calendar – they immediately know it is the only thing of its kind – so they bookmark it and tell others.