Large-Scale Waterjet Cutting System Installed by WARDJet

WARDJet has installed a large custom GX-4816-5 waterjet cutting system designed to handle heavy duty parts, intricate cuts, and a variety of materials.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Tallmadge / Ohio – With a cutting envelope of 800 square feet, the GX-4816-5 joins the ranks of the largest waterjet cutting systems in the world. All of WARDJet’s G-Series waterjets are built-to-order and can be designed to accommodate multiple gantries, mill heads, 5-Axis cutting heads, and fit almost any space requirement.

The GX-4816-5 waterjet was designed closely with the customer, Greiner Industries of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. After almost forty years of providing their customers with turnkey services including welding, forming, machining, lifting, and trucking, Greiner added waterjet cutting to their capabilities. A 40 foot press brake and a 160 foot long plasma table with three gantries sits next to their newly installed, giant WARDJet waterjet. WARDJet worked in conjunction with Greiner in order to make the heavy duty elements for their GX-4816-5 waterjet. The tank of the GX-4816-5 was sunk into the floor so that the cutting surface is below ground-level allowing Greiner greater flexibility when loading large, heavy materials onto the cutting table.

One aspect of the GX-4816-5 waterjet cutting system is the patent-pending Waterjet SafeWall™ safety partition system. Electronically integrated into the controller, this protects operators while the 5-Axis cutting head is in use. Non-contact safety switches sense when the wall is in position and will e-stop the machine if the wall has been breached. With the repositionable walls in place, employees can work on the waterjet table even while the system is cutting in another cutting zone on the other side of the wall. As a result, dead time associated with loading and unloading is virtually zero.

The GX-4816-5 features an Infini Winder 5-Axis cutting head alongside a standard 2D cutting head. Other features include AROS abrasive removal units, a WRS-3000 water recycler and the dual screen X-Classic controller. The interior of the GX-4816-5 crossbeam is accessible and lit for easy maintenance by service technicians. A live camera was mounted underneath the gantry near the cutting heads so that the operator can observe the table from the controller even with the Waterjet SafeWalls in place.

For more information on the GX-4816-5, including amazing videos and pictures, visit the WARDJet G-Series webpage.