Vitaminc C Serum Adambox Science

La Beauté Pure has simply revealed the release of a new video explaining the science behind their organic Vitamin C Serum. The YouTube has simply been released.

Online PR News Р30-May-2014 РWarrensville Heights/OH РLa Beaut̩ Pure, a Dallas based anti-aging company, has actually simply revealed the release of a brand-new video discussing the science behind their natural Vitamin C Serum. The YouTube has actually simply been launched.

"We are excited about the brand-new video and are pleased of our Vitamin C Serum so we really want audiences to know more about the nuts and bolts behind the item and why it truly works," mentioned company owner, Ann Williams at a current interview. "It behaves to offer an item that is backed by scientific evidence.".

La Beauté Pure started selling on Amazon last year and has actually experienced record sales and fantastic testimonials on their best-selling Vitamin C Serum. Although concerns are addressed on the Amazon shop website as well as in the Ask Ann column on their web site, the company wished to explain in more detail about the science behind the item. "The video is an exceptional device to go into depth about the wonders of Vitamin C and the exact components in our Serum," Williams said.

Vitamin C is a popular anti-aging ingredient that removes great lines and wrinkles, lightens age areas and includes youth and brilliance to exhausted skin. The reason Vitamin C works is that it is a tested anti-oxidant. When free radicals (damaged cells missing an electron) cause oxidation anxiety by method of such things as over-exposure to UV light, smoking, harsh weather conditions, contaminants in skin care products and contamination in the air, anti-oxidants donate an electron to the needy free radicals that are on a damaging mission to obtain one at any cost. Due to the fact that anti-oxidant cells are so steady, they can work with only one electron and the issue is resolved. The damage can stop and the cells live in consistency. Vitamin C anti-oxidants not only stop the damage of maturing, they fix it too.

However not all Vitamin C anti-aging products are created equally. "We make use of the most steady derivative offered," Williams explained. "Salt Ascorbyl Phosphate has actually been verified to be the best.".

In addition, the quantity of Vitamin C an item contains is very essential. "We make use of almost 20 %," Williams said. "Anymore would render the solution too drippy and it would not be as effective.".

The components in the Serum are useful to the skin. Aloe Vera is utilized for its hydrating impacts. With Hazel is a natural astringent. Vitamin E is included for its recovery qualities and the fact that it likewise contains anti-oxidants. All of the components in the Serum are there to boost the item's effectiveness.

As essential as what a Serum contains, is what it does not contain. La Beauté Pure natural Vitamin C Serum does not make use of petroleum products such as mineral oil, has no filler components, makes use of no perfumes, there are no GMO products and no paraffin, paraben or alcohol. "Naturally we never ever test on animals," guaranteed Williams.

The video offers even more insight into the science of Vitamin C Serum. It is planned for academic purposes and as a courtesy to those who want to know more about the item. "We value the fact that women are doing their homework on products they are putting on their skin," concluded Williams. "It's smart to know what is going into your body and we want to share as much as possible about all worlds of our natural Vitamin C Serum.".