Philanthropist List Announces the Launch of Their New Philanthropy Website

Chicago, IL May 28, 2014 -- Philanthropist List, a private organization dedicated to changing lives through philanthropy

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Chicago, IL – When most people are asked, “what is a philanthropist?” they tend to think of famous, wealthy socialites and successful entrepreneurs. Regardless of net-worth, anyone can be a philanthropist.

Chicago, IL May 28, 2014 -- Philanthropist List, a private organization dedicated to changing lives through philanthropy, is pleased to announce the official launch of its new website that serves as a welfare-cum-support platform where philanthropists can connect with needy people and corporate bodies in the society.

Without any controversy, life entails giving a true purpose and meaning to the existence of others by freely sharing success and happiness with them. With a view to helping less privileged individuals achieve social and economic freedom through the support of successful people, Philanthropist List, an organization dedicated to changing lives through philanthropy, now announces the official launch of its new philanthropy website.

According to the Founder of Philanthropist List, it's high time people changed their orientation about the way welfare programs can be provided for others. "There is a world of difference between charity and philanthropy. Charity simply alleviates effects and symptoms of a social problem by providing reliefs for people. True philanthropy seeks to eliminate the root causes of the problem." he states.

"The official philanthropy website of Philanthropist List has been launched to create a platform where good-hearted and generous people can find a person or a cause to support. Nothing is better than helping to improve on the quality of life of a person through a philanthropic act. That is the value Philanthropist List upholds," he reveals.

The Founder confirms that the website features campaigns from charities, foundations, and businesses, and needy people who are looking for life-changing support; and as of today, donations are being made online. "Philanthropist List, as the name suggests, involves the recognition and presentation of human needs and causes for which active philanthropists can offer help and support," he adds.

Speaking on the wide variety of 'causes', the Founder of the Philanthropist List reports that the official website consists of crowdfunding and cyberbegging from various sources - both individuals and corporate entities. Listings from popular crowdfunding sites that are featured include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, iBeggar, DonatePages, and UndercoverFunder. He then affirms, saying, "Philanthropist List is a one-stop resource for philanthropists who are looking for opportunities to contribute to public good."

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Rex Camposagrado