iGent Digital Solutions now catering overseas businesses with its effective marketing techniques.

An IGent Digital solution is at the forefront of internet marketing for businesses and is now ready with its solutions for international small businesses.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Ghaziabad – Now even small businesses spread over the globe can benefit from the internet marketing, website designing, creative solutions, content management solutions and E-Commerce solutions from iGent Digital Solutions.

A large number of small businesses throughout the world could not even think of availing the same digital marketing, creative solutions, and content management and e-commerce solutions as availed by their big brother enterprises for their online existence. However, with the launch of digital marketing services by iGent Digital Solutions these poor cousins of big businesses can also benefit from the latest advances in the field.

IGent Digital solutions is an India based organization that caters to the bouquet of digital marketing services of businesses. It offers its services in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA and Middle East.

Internet marketing
Internet Marketing Services of iGent Digital solutions aims to maximize the exposure of company websites, blogs and forums in the search engine, mostly Google. They do this by manipulating various attributes of the website so that it ranks in the first page of Google search.
However simple it may sound it involves quite a few tricks. Some of these tricks are search engine optimization abbreviated as SEO, pay per click abbreviated as PPC, social media optimization abbreviated as SMO and online reputation management abbreviated as ORM.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO involves many steps that ultimately help the website or blog being picked up by Google crawler and exhibited in the first page of Google search. To have effective SEO for online businesses the following requirements must be satisfied.

Keywords relevant to the topic of online search are of primary importance in any good SEO. The keyword must not only be relevant to the content of the website, it must conform to the language usage pattern of the targeted audience. Not only that, the keyword should be filled in throughout the content in such a way that it grabs the attention of Google crawler. Metadata of the website must contain the relevant keywords in required density for the site to get picked up in Google search.

Content of websites is one of the most important aspects of websites that is judged by the Google crawler. It needs to be good in quality, and the keywords put into the body of the content must not look like these have been stuffed for the sake of SEO. Keywords must not appear out of place and should be in conformity with the flow of article or blog.

Links built into the content act as a kind of endorsement for the site which is often picked up by the Google robot as a mark of reference. So companies must have enough links in their web content. Having back links to your content also helps since that is also reviewed by Google.

Pay per click
PPC is one of the most successful methods of promoting websites and blogs. It involves placing links for the website in its affiliates’ websites. What this will do is whenever someone visits the more popular affiliate websites they may click on the link to your website, especially if your site is relevant to the content of the affiliate website. In that case you agree to pay the affiliate website a sum of money per click.

Social Media Optimization
With the advent of social media like facebook and twitter opportunity for businesses to get closer to the customer has increased manifold since spending some time in facebook has become an addiction for many users throughout the world. This has lead to the opportunity of social media optimization for websites. Moreover, the presence of brands and websites in social media has become a factor that the Google robot takes into account while picking up search relevant sites. Websites with better social media optimization will have better chance of ranking higher in search engine.

Online reputation management
ORM has become the latest shield in the hands of brands and companies since the advent of social media. Social media is being used by users for commenting on products, services, companies etc. A dislike for your product or service may spread in the online world like wildfire and damage your online reputation which will have a bearing on your sales and turnover. On the other hand a like for your product can go viral and result in increased sales at the counter.

Creative Solutions
Other solutions that international small businesses can now get from iGent Digital solutions are creative solutions that include Web designing, graphic design, banner design, logo design etc. All these solutions helps companies design websites and place advertisements that are an integral part of internet marketing. iGent Digital solutions has been doing this for last so many years and now international small businesses too can benefit from the expertise of this company in the field of creative solutions.

Website designing
The basic of internet marketing starts with designing the perfect website. This calls for a dedicated, experienced and qualified team that understands the products and services offered by the company, the type of business, the target audience, their preferences etc. A big company like iGent Digital solutions is able to offer the whole package to its international customers now.

Content management systems are a necessity in view of the increased participation of writers and other stakeholders in the business of content generation. Smooth publishing, editing and modification of content calls for efficient CMS software. The most popular CMS are Word press, Joomla and Drupal. An iGent Digital solution is experienced in implementing content solutions in all these platforms which will be very helpful for international small businesses.

Online business is incomplete without ecommerce. This is the system which encourages the buyer to interact directly interact directly with the company without any intermediary. This brings down cost of products and services as well as helps companies secure more sales and therefore more revenue. Digital solutions is quite experienced in offering e-commerce solutions to enterprises and international small businesses will definitely benefit from its bouquet of services.
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