Konstant Infosolutions Commended by Australian Startup for Mobile App

Konstantinfo has received rave reviews from a client based in Aus for its work on an iOS app. Here is a breakdown of the working process and client’s statement.

Online PR News – 30-May-2014 – Jaipur, Rajasthan – Konstant Infosolutions has once again been recognized for its brilliance in mobile app development. This time the recognition comes not from a research or listing firm, but rather from an Australian startup firm who, after being impressed by the company’s services, decided to list a glowing recommendation for the company on popular tech research website, SourcingLine.

Project Summary – The client is the founder of an entertainment & arts firm based in Australia and required mobile app development work for an iOS based social media app with a very original and engaging interface and design. As the client lacked experienced and innovative indicviduals to carry out the work while maintaining a high level of quality, they approached Konstant Infosolutions with the requirements.

Client Feedback – The client was thoroughly satisfied by the services of the company and was particularly appreciative of the responsiveness and flexibility of the team. The client did mention a few minor difficulties regarding communication, however admitted that it was more a problem at their end and not Konstant Infosolutions.

The client stated, “That personal touch was above and beyond what we expected.”

Project Description – The project was an iOS based social media mobile app that focused on enhancing user experience without compromising the app by adding ads or any other premiums. The app works to provide users with an outlet for their frustration without disturbing those around them. The app was designed to incorporate different themes that reflected the mood of the user, while they poured out their frustration to friends, family and loved ones.

Project Scope – Konstant Infosolutions received a clear and well defined project scope from the client. The client approached Konstant Infosolutions with a view to help them with the development of the app as they lacked the kind of resources required to develop an iOS app of the topmost quality at competitive prices.

Project Appreciation – The client was highly satisfied with the work on several counts in terms of both the development methodology as well as the personal touch provided by the company. At the time of the project, Konstant Infosolutions CEO was on a visit to Sydney where he personally contacted the client to inform them of his awareness of their project and invited them to meet him for a more personalized discussion. This personal touch combined with the patient bug testing during the project’s late phase was highly appreciated by the client.

The client awarded Konstant Infosolutions with a rating of 5/5 stars on the various aspects of the work carried out and highly recommended the company as a world-leader in terms of software solutions and particularly mobile development. A detailed view of the project overview and process can be found here.