Whopping 20% off on Optimo AV Small Business Edition

Optimo AV today announced a 20% off on its business edition.

Online PR News – 28-May-2014 – 28/5/2014, Essex, CT – As hackers are getting more and more sophisticated, it has become important for the businesses to protect their computers and businesses from any external harm. Optimo AV software, today announced a 20% discount on its Small Business Antivirus Edition, which enables the small businesses to protect themselves from the threat of viruses.

In a business, be it large or small, so much confidential information is stored in computers, which are generally connected through a network so that all the employees can access the files.

As the computers and networks are connected with each other, the chances of various programs and malicious applications such as Trojan hindering with the normal flow of the work are high. Spyware and viruses can easily end up the whole business. This can cost the company a few hundred dollars to fix, as well as keep you from working, which can lead to losing money through lack of productivity.

A malware can take so many forms. Some may infiltrate your computer while others may disrupt the operating system. These viruses seem harmless, but the corruption and disruption of business data can result in subsequent reduction in productivity.

Today identity theft is on rise, and hackers are implementing new tools like spyware to gather personal information in an attempt to gain passwords and financial information.
For a small business, breach in security can be a very serious issue. The sensitive information of a business such as customer data, trade lists, and pricing can easily be targeted by the miscreants.

Importance of antivirus protection in small businesses

If you own a computer, then you must know how important it is to protect your computer from antivirus. In a business environment the importance is multiplied. This is because viruses have a potential to spread very easily between computers and same network.
The importance of installing and updating antivirus and spyware programs on your business computers is undeniable when you consider a few important points about protecting customer information and providing protection for business computers.

In order to protect the small business with the best virus protection possible, it is very important to consider that simply downloading and installing an antivirus software product in a business computer is not enough.

In fact, it is also very important to ensure that the antivirus program you are using is strong and is updated regularly in order to keep up with new online business threats, and our proposition of Optimo AV for Small Businesses ensures just that.

Hurry up and take the discount before its gone!