New Reviews of Garcinia Cambogia Extract Surface

Garcinia Cambogia extract is a proven weight loss product that can help you to reduce appetite and fat storage by inhibiting fat synthesis enzymes in your body.

Online PR News – 27-May-2014 – West Point, MS – Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Finding the Products That Work

Garcinia Cambogia extract is a proven weight loss product that can help reduce appetite and fat storage by inhibiting fat synthesis enzymes in the body. The end effect is that users will be less hungry and have more available energy to burn, and all this with less food intake. Users will also stop storing useless fat that wasn’t used for energy. To receive the awesome benefits of this product, a high quality extract is needed.

When it comes to health supplements and natural remedies, not every product is created equally. Subject to less stringent rules than controlled substances or over the counter pharmaceuticals, different brands of health products can be hit and miss, even when they’re purportedly selling the same thing.

Let’s take different offerings of Garcinia Cambogia extract as an example. While one product might contain a highly reliable source of the extract that was produced in high quality laboratory conditions, there could be a competitor out there producing the same extract from farms with questionable practices, which is then extracted in a more primitive laboratory. In the second scenario, every part of the process aims to produce a Garcinia Cambogia extract at less cost to achieve higher profits.

Because there is so much variance in the market, there are a few key areas that customers need to pay attention to when choosing their extract.

Garcinia Cambogia extract should be produced in a specific way to get the best benefits from the extract. Some manufacturers do this, some don’t. There’s no tried and true method to know which product is the real thing, or which is an inferior option. Always look for one that is verified as being effective. The only way to do this is through research. As a starting point, look for consumer reviews online that deal with the specific branded version of the supplement that you’re interested in.

Verify that there are no harmful additives added to the product. With US made products there are more controls than some foreign or ‘bootleg’ products. Look for labelling information that indicates the ingredients and purity of the product. Bad examples of Garcinia Cambogia extract often contain leads and arsenic. These are mostly the cut priced alternatives originating from South East Asia (this is not true to all health products from the region, but buying US made does give you a security blanket).

Look for uncolored, and uncoated tablets. Coloring is added to make tablets more appealing and help you to associate them with a brand. The downside is that colored tablets are sometimes produced using toxic ingredients.
Coated tablets can also be toxic. Easy to swallow coatings are often made from magnesium stearate. It acts as a type of lubricant and stops tablets from sticking to one another, but it’s also toxic and could lead to health complications down the road.

Try to buy from a local brick and mortar store, or from an online store that is headquartered in the US. Shops that have physical locations are naturally more inclined to provide products that work, whereas overseas websites don’t have any particular investment to customer satisfaction outside of the transaction itself.

There is always some risk of inferior products when choosing natural and non-pharmaceutical remedies. The key thing when buying Garcinia Cambogia extract is to be aware what to look for. By taking a little extra care in research and checking labels, customers can ensure that they're investing in a safe product, and one that is more likely to bring the desired results.

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