Revenue Asset Services Announces Roll Up

Revenue Asset Services announces medical roll up. Revenue asset services has combined its separate billing, collection, answering svc, and appeals companies.

Online PR News – 27-May-2014 – Flint Michigan – Revenue Asset Services has a proud history. As a company, Revenue Asset Services has been providing several healthcare services to the doctors they have contracted with. The services that Revenue Asset Services provides to their clients include, but are not limited to medical billing, transcription, and collection services. As the healthcare sector continues to grow year-over-year, these services will also enjoy continued growth.

It is in this environment of growth that Revenue Asset Services has announced new medical opportunities for interested entrepreneurs. Revenue Asset Services will help entrepreneurs open their own successful medical services business by offering them the training and skills necessary for entrepreneurial-minded people to reach success. “We provide a specialized training program with great material so entrepreneurs can be confident about going out and starting their own medical service business,” says Michael Fitzgerald, a company spokesman.

Revenue Asset Services has a national presence with a top tier marketing and sales force. Doctors are signed into a contract from coast to coast. With such a large client base already in existence, it will not be too difficult for entrepreneurs of Revenue Asset Services to find clients of their own once they start their own medical service business.

With continued growth in the medical field, there will be a greater need for medical billing, collection, transcription and other services. The Department of Labor anticipates the medical field will only continue to grow over the next decade as the Affordable Care Act goes into full implementation. Analysts suggest entrepreneurs who position themselves in the medical field now will be better prepared for the next twenty to thirty years of medical healthcare services. Revenue Asset Services is proud to support entrepreneurs in the medical industry by providing excellent training and learning materials from which to grow their business.

Revenue Asset Services has recently expanded the company to include Medical Appeals and Electronic Medical Records services.

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