Keyideas Launches Multistage Model for Responsive eCommerce Website Design

Mobile app developer and web designer, Keyideas recently announced their plans to shift to a multistage model to create responsive eCommerce websites.

Online PR News – 27-May-2014 – New Delhi, India – Mobile app developer and web designer, Keyideas recently announced their plans to shift to a multistage model to create responsive eCommerce websites. This model will make use of several different components and features to create eCommerce sites that are visible, customizable, secure, and provide a high conversion rate. Customers will also be able to have websites designed with a global reach and mobile integration, creating websites that can reach a wide number of customers.

Keyideas has laid out seven unique features that form the foundation of their multistage model. These features each play an important part in the company’s approach to creating websites and mobile apps. They include the following:

• Ubiquity – Keyideas will work to make processes more efficient so that the company’s operations costs are lower. This cost will be passed on to clients.
• Global Reach – Keyideas will operate on a global scale, allowing for direct competition with eCommerce designers worldwide.
• Universal Standards – The designers will adhere to universal standards for website design and app building.
• Richness –Adding richness to a project enhances its overall usability and quality.
• Interactivity – Keyideas stresses interactivity in multiple ways. Apps, websites, and other custom products are designed to interact with each other and with company content management systems so businesses can operate more efficiently and securely.
• Customization – Keyideas strives to create custom applications and websites for each customer. This gives each customer a unique identity and helps with brand management.
• Information Density – With more information in one place, businesses have less risk of a security breach and can operate more quickly. The cost of obtaining, processing, and distributing their information drops dramatically.

This foundation will then be built upon using a number of components to create a strong, creative, and focused environment for the creation of eCommerce websites. Their multistage model includes the following: Search and Identification, Selection and Negotiation, Purchasing products and services electronically, Product and service delivery, After-sales service.

This model will work in a circle. The buyer will first identify and then search for the products they want. Once the products have been found, they will select the ones they plan to purchase and negotiate the check-out system, which includes selecting options for each item, if there are options. Then they will complete the purchase electronically. The next step, product and service delivery is split between two areas. Physical products will be delivered using traditional methods, while virtual products such as downloadable movies, music, or video games, will be delivered electronically. As this is happening, the buyer will also be going through any after-sales service, which can include things such as a follow-up satisfaction survey, the chance to be added to a mailing list, and other services.

The CEO of Keyideas, Mr. Shreyes Kejariwal, praised his team’s new eCommerce model. “This model will allow us to serve the needs of all our customers more fully. By building each website and app on these ideas, we will create products that drive sales and grow businesses.” The company may also apply this multistage model to other areas following a review of its effectiveness.

About Keyideas:

Keyideas is the fastest growing software development company in India that focuses on helping local and international companies with their web development and mobile app development needs. The company is composed of professionals whose expertise lies in PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WordPress, iOS, and other web services. The company prides itself on its outstanding web application development, e-commerce development, and enterprise software development as well as iPhone app, iPad app, and android app development. Keyideas is led by CEO Shreyes Kejariwal.

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