Social Shopping Platform Etoot Launches, Combining Social and eCommerce into One Single Platform

Etoot, a social shopping platform where users can connect, discover,shop, rate, review and share things they love.

Online PR News – 26-May-2014 – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – Etoot (, the social shopping platform is launching today both in the apple store and on the web. Etoot is revolutionizing the way people shop online and share their thoughts and experiences with their friends and online communities. Etoot was created to provide a single and integrated social hosting platform where users can connect, discover, rate, review, shop and share things they love in a social and fashionable way. Etoot always keeps the latest trends ahead before they hit the mainstream. It provides a unique and enthralling shopping experience to those who love to shop online.

Etoot simple and user friendly interface is putting some thrill in the online shopping landscape. Users can very easily go to the various products categories and can curate thousands of products out there. They can create lists of their favorite products and services and can recommend & share it with their communities instantly.

Apart from shopping for products Etoot also provides any array of other features such as news, classifieds, versus competitions, business, sites, sports, trends and rumors. Users can read latest news around the world. They can post classified ads, create versus competition, create their business profiles, enlist their site in the sites directory, get and read latest information and stats about their favorite sport and players. They can watch for the latest trends in the market going around. They can hear and see the rumors floating around the world about famous celebrities.

Etoot came out of our personal realization that there should be a single and integrated social hosting platform where users can connect, discover and shop in personal, social and fashionable way. Can chat with their friends and communities through chat and forums and know their recommendations and reviews for best possible social shopping experience. Etoot provides a best social shopping place to everyone everywhere to discuss their shopping experiences.

Etoot was created to connect shoppers and brands in a stylish and social way. Etoot allows its users to create, curate and make lists of their favorite products and services and share them with their friends, family members and other online communities instantly. Users can curate and make lists of thousands of products in personal, beautiful and social way and can share their thoughts with their online communities.

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