Feel the Rhythm of Indi-Rock with Veda- The Brand New Songdew Pick of the Month

Songdew does not discriminate on the basis of popularity and obscurity and the only criteria it looks for is the originality of creation.

Online PR News – 26-May-2014 – Gurgaon, Haryana – Songdew began its journey to reform the face of music and free it from the chains and restraints of reservation and elevate it to a higher level where each and every artist will get equal opportunity to showcase their creative talent and earn the recognition and respect they truly deserve.

Songdew has transcended form being just another music portal into one of the most popular music network and meeting ground for talented artists, bands and music enthusiasts. It is one such platform where artists and bands exhibit their creations without any inhibition and music lovers from around the world listen and appreciate their creative talent. The efforts of Songdew are not limited at this only. Each month the Songdew editorial team picks a band or artist to feature as the “Songdew Pick of the Month” by virtue of which the songs of that particular artist/band are upheld in the Songdew network as well as various popular social networking sites for an entire month. This time it has picked the Indi-Rock band Veda whose exhilarating music will blaze through the Songdew network for the entire month.

Veda- The Band that Blends the Intricacies of Carnatic Music with New Age Rock
Veda is a Pune based Indi-Rock band that creates music that is extremely diverse and, therefore, has been successful in reaching out to various types of listeners. Their creations are based on modern western genres like rock, jazz, blues and pop but derive its creative influences from Indian classical music or more specifically - the Carnatic genre that provides a spontaneous and free flowing quality to each of their compositions.

Formation of Veda-The Band

Veda came into existence in the year 2002 in the picturesque city of Nasik when seven people ranging from diverse musical backgrounds came together with the sole aim of creating music that is innovative and fresh yet has its base in the rich Indian classical genres. The band has Shrikanth. V. Nair on rhythm and vocals, Krishnaprasad Iyer on the guitar, Nishant Hajare at the percussions, Unnikrishnan on the drums, Vishak Sivadas on the keyboard, Monesh Jacob on the bass and Sam Das on rhythm and leads.

The Journey of Veda

Veda has composed songs and background scores for documentaries and short feature films. It was the winner of Uninor Rock the Stage - 2012, finalist of Battle of Bands - Kumar Pacfic- 2012, performed in Battle of bands -NICMAR - 2012, Semi Finalist in LeapFROG to Coke Studio at MTV 2013, and many more. The band also featured in the Live unplugged setup on 91.1 FM Radio City. The music of Veda has the uniqueness that has touched the hearts of the masses, and it has a long journey ahead.

Songdew Honors the Creative Talent of Veda as the Pick of the Month

The creations of Veda exhibit a beautiful and harmonious amalgamation of contemporary western genres such as blues, jazz and rock with the complex features of Indian classical music to produce melody that has a widespread appeal and Songdew makes sure that it flows freely and touches the hearts of music lovers by featuring Veda as the new Songdew Pick of the Month, which will help promote and uphold their songs on the Songdew home page, Facebook page, Twitter and newsletter throughout the month. Fans of Veda can get all information about the band’s background, latest songs and upcoming gigs from the website and connect with the band members at http://www.songdew.com/vedatheband

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