Top hospitals and medical centers are partnering with GPC Medical Ltd.

With high quality research & development,diverse product lines and the biggest ever supply chain GPC Medical Ltd. has found its best way into the world market.

Online PR News – 26-May-2014 – New Delhi – It has believed in strong partnerships, brand building and innovation that make GPC what it is today. Today the company is one of the most sought after brands in the field of manufacturing equipment for orthopedic implant.

The field of orthopedic equipment manufacturing is a very promising and challenging field. In the way it welcomes promising entrepreneurs and it rejects gimmicks of the same it can certainly be equated to mountaineering. In this field one has to break it to make it and GPC Medical Ltd. is one such company that has struggled its way through to emerge as a glorious brand in the field of orthopedic equipment manufacturing. The company has been a believer of research and innovation, steady and true marketing, hearty customer relations and promotion.

The company’s USP is highest standards of corporate social responsibility, constant innovation, transparency and best quality of products. It has never been off track and it has found its way into the zenith of what it had been working on. Today it has clients across the globe and leading hospitals have partnered with him. It responds equally to all its clients, be it a retail chain or a multispecialty hospital and favors no discrimination. The business head office is located at New Delhi, India and the decisions are centrally taken.

The company offers a diverse product range. Its product range include all kinds of orthopedic implants that range from bone plates, bone screws and locking plates to orthopedic nails, spinal instruments, knee implants and instruments and skull surgery instruments. The company produces practically all forms of orthopedic equipment through its research and innovation driven processes. It also has a very good supply chain which has made it become one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of medical equipment. It clients are based in various parts of the world. The company has regional offices and distribution offices situated across the globe and these offices work in conjunction with the headquarters to give the products a superfluous supply chain.

The company has received numerous awards of excellence from various medical bodies in the world. It got an ISO 9001 certification and the prestigious CE certification few years back. It is one of the few companies in India to receive the CE certification and perhaps it is the only company to receive the coveted US FDA 510(k) certification. These certifications only speak of the abilities and potentials that the company has.
The company’s research and development teams are headed by renowned surgeons from all over the world. Many of the renowned surgeons have been keen to work with the research team of the company. The company also recruits bright scholars who form an integral part of the research teams and are able to bring new ideas and innovations in the path of research.

The company has been instrumental in taking care of quality control and every single product manufactured by the company conforms to the standards of WHO-GMP. The company also boasts of quality assurance and gives replacement guarantees for defective manufactures.

GPC Medical Ltd. is thus a trusted name in the field of orthopedic implants manufacturing and its brand equity is one of the highest among medical equipment companies from India. The company has set clear vision about what course it is going to be and what hospitals is it thinking to partner with. It was disclosed in its annual general meeting recently. Share prices of the company are up and it is going very well financially.