Dlecta Foods Launches D’lecta café

Dlecta Foods Pvt. Ltd., a leading name in the Food & Beverages sector has launched D’lecta Café as part of its ongoing expansion drive

Online PR News – 24-May-2014 – Mumbai Maharashtra 23/05/2014 – Dlecta Foods Pvt. Ltd., a leading name in the Food & Beverages sector has launched D’lecta CafĂ© as part of its ongoing expansion drive. Under this vertical, Dlecta Foods will make available everything related to tea and coffee under one roof. The entire solution will comprise of an attractive looking D’lecta branded thermopot, three varieties of premium tea, coffee sachets, coffee premix, liquid dairy creamers and consumables like sugar sticks, paper cups, paper napkins and stirrers. The tea and coffee consumables along with the thermopot will come in compactly designed trays that will store everything in specially created slots.

“Our hot beverage solutions come in two sizes. The larger one serves up to fifty beverages in one filling while the smaller one serves up to six cups. These are visually attractive and efficient performers. A cup of tea or coffee can be made in less than half a minute giving a much superior taste. These are ideally suited for offices, hotels and homes,” says Mr. Deepak Jain, Founder & Managing Director, Dlecta Foods Pvt Ltd. The hot beverage solutions have been designed and developed by an internal team at Dlecta Foods. Developed for catering to varied users, the products have been custom designed in 2 different variants. The one that serves up to 50 beverages per refill is branded as the 'Tea Station' and is more suitable for a small to medium offices. The other variant, the 'Welcome Tray', serves up to 6 cups and is a more decorated ensemble. It is ideal for homes, small offices and hotel rooms.
The company has recently announced plans of scaling up its presence in the consumer segment and is launching a slew of new products over the next twelve months. D’lecta Café will add value and work as an extension to the well established dairy business.

“Indians are compulsive tea drinkers. Whether at home or office, they are continuously consuming tea or coffee. But the problem has been that in most offices coffee vending machines are used to make tea or coffee. These beverages taste very bad, are unhygienic and cannot be customized for sweetness, strength or milk. Those who are conscious of quality will opt for D’lecta Café,” adds Mr. Jain.

“Another trend observed in this country is the rampant use of milk powder in tea and coffee. Most milk powders have high quantity of sugar and less of milk. The sugar component not only is unhealthy, especially to diabetics, but also interferes with the taste of tea and coffee. As a substitute to milk powder we have introduced D’lecta Milke. These are 10 gram serving of evaporated milk and are ideally suited for one cup of tea or coffee. Made from pure cow milk D’lecta Milke has no sugar content and comes in aseptic packaging making it simpler to use,” says Mr. Jain.

Milke creamer is processed at the company’s fully owned and operated state-of-the-art plant at Raigad, Maharashtra. One of the most technologically advanced plants in the whole of South Asia, it works as a dairy processing and packaging unit for an array of products.

“D’lecta Café is going to revolutionize beverage consuming pattern in India. It will offer fresh, healthy, and convenient option to tea and coffee aficionados. D’lecta Café houses all beverage essentials including popular flavors in tea and coffee like the green tea and masala tea besides the classic tea. In coffee we have the finest Arabica flavor to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds,” concludes Mr. Devendra Garg, Executive Director.

About Dlecta Foods Private Limited:
Dlecta Foods Private Limited, formerly known as Devashree Foods Pvt Ltd, commenced operations in 2001 primarily as a marketing company. As the sole marketer and distributor of Dynamix Cow Ghee, D’lecta not only established the Dynamix brand, but also went on to create a market for Cow Ghee in India. Till its introduction, the consumer ghee market was dominated by buffalo ghee.

Since then Dlecta has introduced a slew of products and services that include food ingredients with special focus on dairy, bakery, confectionary and nutrition. It comprehensively covers the needs of any HORECA, offering from a range of top quality value products for the industry and a small range of consumer products including cheese, ghee, UHT milk, dairy creamers and even vending solutions.