TAU has Introduced the Behavioral Science Programs Completely Online

TAU has launched the School of Behavioral Science completely online via the Distance & Online programs.

Online PR News – 24-May-2014 – 05/23/2014, coimbatore, Tamilnadu – TAU comes up with the School of Behavioral Science that deals with the study of human behavior via observations and experiments. The program is completely offered in online with a convenient schedule for the applicants.
Several specializations in the School of Psychology considered include Applied Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The Psychology Degree is launched in Bachelor, Masters and PhD Levels. Some of the specializations include BSc in Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology.
“SBS has designed these programs in terms of better applicability and utility with the focus of imbibing better comprehension towards the individual self and society at large. The primary aim is to instigate in the individual the ability to assess their potential and unique caliber”, said the HOD of School of Behavioral Science, Texila American University, Guyana.
The bachelor programs are designed via credit transfers only implying that the enrolled students should have an Advanced Diploma with a minimum of two years of experience. The curriculum includes self-studies, assignments, research works, etc.
The academic curriculum of Applied Psychology is structured after the significance of theories and principles of the psychology along with the internship to know more about the human behavior. Clinical Psychology is to enrich the clinical practices, mental study for different emotions. Counseling psychology combines the combination of social sciences with counseling practice wherein the students are exposed to scholarly and ethical sensitivity to their practice.
The Master degree related to the School of Behavioral Science includes MSc in Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, etc. The core learning methodology includes self-study, assignments and thesis work involving the guidance of an expert.
TAU is proud to get into the platform with Social Work curriculum to prepare competent and knowledgeable social workers. The Psychology program is concentrated on designing and implementation of innovative, evidence-based and compassionate solutions. It prepares the students to conduct advanced social work practice in medical and allied fields.
One of the main aspects related with the course is that even during training periods, the students are exposed to real life situations so that they get aware of the first-hand experience of application in practice.