Leading Edge Medical Treatments Stock Receives ISIN

Stock in Leading Edge Medical Treatments can now be identified via their International Securities Identification Number providing greater clarity for investors.

Online PR News – 24-May-2014 – Wan Chai, Hong Kong – Don Margolis, Chairman of Hong Kong-based LEMed (Leading Edge Medical Treatments, Ltd.), has announced that private investors in the specialist stem cell and laser therapy research and distribution group will soon be able to track their holdings in the company through its ISIN or International Securities Identification Number.

The ISIN is a 12-digit code that uniquely identifies a security, such as a stock or a bond. The ISIN is an alphanumeric code that is the most distinguishable security identifier used in the global finance market today and is the only universally accepted securities identification code used in the world’s stock exchanges and brokerage houses.

Leading Edge Medical Treatments’ Don Margolis was quick to point out that the receipt of the ISIN should not be perceived as a prelude to a rights issue or initial public offering of the company’s stock. “We are not yet at the stage where we feel ready to begin a process which would almost certainly represent a drain on our time. While we are excited to announce the receipt of our ISIN, which we believe will help LEMed to better serve our valued shareholders, our efforts for 2014 will remain focused solely on the research and development of more standalone cell therapies and combination stem cell/medical laser treatments,” he said.

This year, Leading Edge Medical Treatments is ramping up its efforts to increase public awareness of the efficacy of adult stem cells including a television appearance by one of its Science Advisory Board members, Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina.

The company’s private shareholders are not available to comment but Mr. Margolis said there is a strong likelihood that they will be pleased with the granting of the ISIN.

Leading Edge Medical Treatments, Ltd. is based in Hong Kong. ISIN: HK0000185196

About Leading Edge Medical, Ltd.
Cellular medicine is revolutionizing medical treatment in the 21st century and Leading Edge Medical's treatments are at the forefront of the field. Thousands of patients around the world have already benefited from bio-technologies using stem cells and/or intravenous laser therapy. Diseases once considered incurable are responding well to stem cell therapies and are restoring a quality of life to patients they thought they had lost forever.

LEMed is committed to applying modern day best practices to the growing field of regenerative medicine. With advanced medical treatment facilities offering personalized, ongoing care plans and the highest quality of customer service, we are dedicated to providing a better life for patients.