Award-Winning DJ, Recording Artist, Author & Entrepreneur Turns To The Online World To Raise Funds.

The multifaceted and best-selling author, Joel NR Powell, shares a story like no other he is an example of a true success. Empowerment to raise funds.

Online PR News – 23-May-2014 – Toronto, ON – Toronto, CA–Powell’s package, The Empowerment Series, is more than a book. It is Empowerment in its purest form, it motivates readers, viewers, & listeners to move past their concerns and notions & open up their minds to a broader level of enlightenment; where he gives direct insight towards issues such as family, employment, faith, health, finance, relationships, & the law.

When asked why did he signed up for, Powell stated,”One has to embrace people by touching their hearts in a positive manner. Before you can make an income you have to make an impact with I feel strongly that they give people the opportunity do both. You have access to reach people from across the world in order to raise funds to launch out a new or previously existing idea.”

With the project itself being completed already the funds being raised now is to help make the world know of it by giving it not just local exposure but global exposure as well. The cost of $70,000 will give Powell the necessary funds to create copies of the book, film, and soundtrack and to assist greatly with the marketing, promotion and publicity to which the project needs. Powell lives by the creed God helps those who help themselves therefore, before asking for any help for the initial startup of his project he used his own personal savings so the actual idea would come to fruition.

Both Powell’s book and film have already gained critical exposure through the sales of a limited run of a 1000 copies in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario and by hosting several screenings of his film garnered him access to the media. He has been featured inside of Humber the business school be Magazine, The Source Magazine, Toronto Life Magazine, XXL Magazine, Toronto Caribbean Newspaper, Jamaican Xpress Newspaper, Snap Brampton Newspaper and in 2011 his book became the best selling non-fiction title inside of Canadian book store Knowledge Book Store.

Even the number one independent rapper in the world acknowledged Joel’s book by stating “Keep writing those books Mr. Powell and may your future seeds carry on the tradition. Much love my brother” Recording Artist Tech N9ne. His documentary features Dr. Joanne Thicke, sister of Actor Alan Thicke and Aunt of R&B Singer Robin Thicke. Her segment discusses health concerns within communities around the world.

One must support this package and see for themselves as Powell takes you on a journey towards understanding yourself and your surroundings better. His skills as a recording artist are displayed easily on the song “Family Ties” where Powell raps “A family is torn welcome to this real life, miscommunicate all day no real ties” shows his blunt wordings towards how deadly miscommunication can be inside the homes of a family. The entire package is for any religion, sex or race that is seeking that broad spectrum of personal growth through empowerment.

Powell’s aim is to utilize the internet to its fullest degree to raise these important funds. His goal is to achieve his total donations amount by July 31st 2014. To learn more about the Empowerment Series and to pledge a donation please visit the project’s pitch page below:

About: Joel NR Powell (Born Joel Powell in Toronto, Ontario) is an award-winning DJ, Recording Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Humber the Business School where he holds a Diploma in Business Management. Powell presently graces the front cover of Self Starter Magazine which showcases entrepreneurs and their desires to achieve their goals.

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