offers less than $1 per day phone advertising deal

Ballajura, West Australia – is offering the cheapest phone advertising deal for less than $1 per day.

Online PR News – 23-May-2014 – Ballajura, Western Australia – Ballajura, West Australia – is offering the cheapest phone advertising deal for less than $1 per day.

Subscribers pay $360 per year, which include full membership valued at $39.95 and will make each of your vouchers to be put into up to five categories with no extra cost.

Phone advertising has gained popularity in today’s society because of the prevalence of mobile phones. Moreover, almost every age group owns a mobile phone, which made it easier for businesses to advertise their products and services to their respective target markets. aimed in providing a unique advertising medium that will help businesses and organizations to promote their products and services in order to reach potential consumers. Our phone advertising works to potential customers when users are in the best position to use it and when they are looking for products in your category.

The company sends out discount vouchers directly to the smartphone of the consumers based on your location and targets the members and supporters of your school, community group, sports club or charity. The vouchers enable the consumers to save on products and services that are being used every day such as dining, groceries, shopping, services, and other attractions. display the top 250 vouchers in the category, which are sorted location-based. Vouchers can be for either single use that are perfect for introductory offers or can be reused for a certain time period or a number of days for up sale items. Businesses can customize their vouchers according to their needs.

Apart from promoting one’s business or organization, business owners can also help the community simultaneously if you avail our phone advertising service. Schools, Community Groups and other not-for-profit organizations in your area will sell subscriptions to the application on smart phones as a form of fundraising activity. The advantage of this fundraiser is that they will offer businesses direct advertising to their membership and supporters. People love the convenience of knowing the available products and services near their homes.

About My Phone Vouchers started as a project to assist community groups in the owner’s local area to fundraise. After standing in the hot Western Australian sun cooking sausages at our local shops for the weekend we decided to put our talents to work and create a platform that raises funds for these groups while offering exceptional value to local businesses. While working on the prototype and testing the local application we found that scale was the best way to ensure that everyone got a great deal. That if we could provide more discounts to our members the value would.

Also, we wanted to create a product that did not need to be printed so the planet can breathe a sigh of relief. We also decided that we wanted to help other groups achieve the same results.